Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New coloring table!

Grayson got a new coloring table...thanks to after Christmas sales! He loves it! He loves to color so I thought this would be perfect...especially the part about the folding it up and putting it away! :)

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

 Opening his stocking... still trying to figure out these presents
 Reach down in the stocking!
 Grayson cool new toy that daddy picked out!
 Selah got him this inflatable seat cuz Grayson has a "tiny hiney" :) 
 Christmas at Gigi and Papi's!!!!!
 Katelin and charlie!!!!

 Katelin and Grandma!

 Kyle surprised his boys by flying in for Christmas!!! He hid in a big box! The boys were a little weary but when the shock wore off they were inseparable!
 Christmas dinner at the picnic table!!!

 Gigi loves her boys!
 Great Grandma and Great Grandpa!
Daddy and Grayson both got vest for christmas!!! G wasn't into taking a picture!

Movie Night!!!!

 Jack Frost visited Colorado and it was gorgeous outside!!!
 On Thursday it was a cold night and we decided to stay in and do MOVIE NIGHT! A first for us! So we threw all the pillows downstairs and made a palate on the floor and popped in Toy Story!! 

 Grayson was super excited!!!! He didn't last through the whole movie really but most of it! It was still soo fun!

Did I say it was gorgeous outside that day!

Our Little Reindeer!

Settlers of Catan

 Here's a picture of our night entertainment recently!!! we started playing a game called settlers of Catan with my sister and sara and paul ! Katelin Loves the game and I LOVE spending all the time with her before she gets married and gets stationed somewhere FAR! I'm gonna miss her!!!!
 Sara and Paul!!! NEW ENGAGED COUPLE!!!! Congrats you two!!! 

Christmas Crafts!

 This year Grayson painted ornaments for presents to family and teachers! He had a blast doing it!! The train's had a spot where you could put his picture in it. They turned out soo cute!

 So beautiful!!!

 I asked Grayson to look through the window! :)
 What a Masterpiece!
 Concentrating on his work!
 He started to make handprints like he does at school :)
 What a cute little artist hand!
 I'm colorful!!
 Daddy helped one day too!
 Yep - the joys of potty training - G goes pantless quite a bit!
 Working on a gingerbread house with mommy! (its not real gingerbread)

 Finished product!!!