Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Revelation Youth

It's an exciting time for our church and Matt and I! Revelation is starting a youth group. Matt and I have been waiting for the youth group to start up since we first starting going to church and we have been praying about our role with the youth group. Matt feels called to lead the group (we would lead together) and as of now we are teaming up with another couple to lead until the board meets and calls an official leader. We are excited to be apart of this new ministry and we are excited to help youth in our area and spread the love of Christ to them!

Our first event is an informational meeting and TURKEY BOWLING for Nov. 18th at our house. we are excited to get input from the youth and start shaping this ministry.

Please pray for Matt and I to hear the clear voice of God in our role and place in this ministry no matter what the board decides for leadership. Pray for the youth that have been regularly attending church that they feel welcome and excited about the youth group. Please pray for more youth to come to church and get plugged in.

As of now the youth group is going to be called YOUTH XB13 ( a generic test name) until our church wide naming contests and input from the youth!


Matt and Kristen

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our First Home

Ok so Last Post of the day... I thought since not many family members have seen our hosue I would post pics... also we cleaned liek crazy today so I thought I would share our clean house with the world!

we miss everyone in texas!!! Love you Butler family!

Trick or Trunk at Family of Christ

Yo HO YO HO a Pirate's Life for me!!!
Last night we helped out at Family of Christ with Josh and Kari and decorated our trunk for Trick or Trunk. The idea is that kids go trick or treating from trunk to trunk outside... our's was def. the best decorated!!! :) I'm a little biased though!

We had fun! Kari and I were Pirate fairies (got the skirt Idea from Brandy since Selah was a pirate fairy) but i think we just ended up looking like madonna from the early 80's! Matt and Josh had eyeliner on and was a little freaked out by it! My dad was weired out by matt in his long hair and eye makeup...he kept his distant!

The kids seemed to like out trunk as they grabbed the candy out of the trasure chest while fun pirate music played in the back! YO HO HO and a bottle of rum!

Our First Snow of the Season!!!

So I'm a little late to post this and I'm posting all out of order but last week we had our first snow!!! A couple inches fell and it finally feels like fall/winter in Colorado. Last year around this time we had blizzards to worry about!
Matt and I LOVE the snow so we thought we would share. Oh and there's a random pic of Bauer and Penni!

Gorgeous Fall Leaves!

This is a picture I took for Kari.... this is on my way to work aka my parents house.... so gorgeous!

Most the leaves are falling now snow pictures soon to come!

Mom's Birthday Dinner

We celebrated Mom's birthday dinner last Saturday since Kyle was still in town... even without a kitchen my mom throws a good party... the problem my mom threw her own birthday party :) Dad organized it and helped out too:)

Matt and Josh were practicing their parenting skills together with Baby Kaleb. As you can see above....what a cute couple!

Yesterday was my mom's real birthday she is in Louisana for her highschool reunion. MISS YOU MOM! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! your the best!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Snow in the Mountains!!!

Yesterday morning I woke up looked down and the street and saw SNOW in the Mountains... I think winter is getting closer! Sunday evening is dumped a ton on snow on pikes peak and my dad called at 7:55 am and reported his first snow siting in Palmer Lake!

SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW!!! Matt's praying for another harsh winter with lots of SNOW!

Uncle David are you jealous yet :) hehehe

Monday, October 15, 2007


Saturday Arapahoe basin was open for the forst skiing of the season... Matt couldn't resist! So we headed up to the mountains and skiied one run that was open for a while and then came back. It started snowing while we were up there so we had our first snow! Unfortunately my camera battery died and I couldn't take pics on the mountian. We went with Kari and Elizabeth so I'm hoping to get pics from them.

The rest of the slopes don't open till Nov. 9th so Matt is patiently waiting!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Just Becuase you Miss our Faces!!!

Some recent pics of Matt and Me... Matt's hair is getting longer! MISS EVERYONE IN TEXAS!!

Hope for Elvis!

Our small group sponsors an orphanage in Cameroon Africa called Harvest Children's Home. We call our efforts HOPE FOR ELVIS. The first weekend in October we sold donated items at a flea market to raise money for the orphange... mainly for medical supplies and to send people ove there in the summer. Here are a few pics from the event.

We raised $1100 for Hope for Elvis!!!!

You may be thinking why call it Hope for Elvis??? well we wanted something catchy and Elvis is the name of one of the sweet orphans.





Josh and Kari and Matt and I carved pumpkins!!!! It was fun except that we got major blisters on our hands and we have seemed to do them a little early because they are shirivled up!

We were saying that it's funny that we volunteered to do this without kids...I'm sure it will be more of a pain when we have kids begging for us to carve pumpkins...hopefully we will be just as enthusiastic.

Sorry about my spelling... the Baylor Degree didn't pay off in that department.

Our newest Nephew Kaleb!!!!

Our newest nephew Kaleb arrived Oct. 8th 2007 at 12:02 pm. He was 11 days early!!! He's adorable and it has been such a joy to watch Kyle and Andrea step into the role of parents! They are doing an amazing job and far exceeding all of my expectations! We love Kaleb... you can see the new family blog at http://www.arnkr.blogspot.com/ or click on my link above.

We love you Kaleb Daniel Robinson!!!

Matt & Dad go Fly Fishing

My Dad took Matt and Charlie (our Air Force Cadet) fly fishing the last weekend in Sept. They only stayed out for one night because unfortunately the wind was over 35 mph and that's not good fishing conditions.

It was gorgeous out there as you can see from the pictures. The boys still had fun and I was glad to have Matt back to snuggle with :)