Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kaleb rocks out!

Kaleb was stylin' in his onsie from Sarah today! He's also almost sitting up on his own! He kinda bobbles a bit but he's almost there! His hair looks really red in these photos :) What a cutie!

Garden of the Gods with the Savings :)

Yesterday I went to Garden of the Gods with Kari's family! They are in town from Kansas for Easter! we had a picnic (chick-fil-a) yummy! and watched the sunset :) It was really nice!

Doctor's Appointment


Here's a picture of some random baby at 16 weeks. So this is what our baby looks like I guess :)
Here's a pic that Matt took of me at the maternity store... I guess this is what's to come!! You can put a pillow thing on that adds about 3 months to your pregancy (that way if you buy a shirt you can see if it will last ) It was kinda fun to see how big I might be :)

On Tuesday we had another doctors appointment. My pkan was to bake cookies and try to bribe the doctor to do a sonogram early to find out what the baby is... Mom baked the cookies for me but the family (myself including ) ate them! Oh well I tried :) The appointment went really well. We heard the baby's heartbeat again and schduled the sonogram appointment for APRIL 8th!!! YEAH! I can't wait to find out what the baby is! Matt is of course rooting for a boy and I am hoping for a girl! :)

As of now I'm 16 weeks and and four days along!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mandy came in town!!!

I told Mandy NOT to drink the water in Colorado! It gets everyone pregnant! :)
This weekend Matt was out of town in Houston because his friend Matt got married and my Matt was an usher :) He got to have a weekend with the boys and I got to have a girls weekend with Mandy! It's her spring break and she came out here to get away after her huge test to finish her Masters! We had fun hanging out and catching up! As you can see we went to the Motherhood store and Mandy had some fun with the "fake bump" we thought it woudl be fun to scare Adam (mandy's husband) a little. Man that altitude really effects people! I miss you MANDY! Thanks for coming up and visiting me!

Matt's Basketball Game

Me and Matt before the game!
Matt and Josh "warming up"
Dad on the bench with Kari :)
Let me in Coach!!!! I'm ready to play!
Good Game Guys!!!!
Matt , Josh and Kari are playing on a YMCA basketball league with some youth from Family of Christ. They have a really great team!!! The ending score by the offical book was 105 - 36! YMCA only lets you be up by twenty points on the score board though. It's fun to watch them play! WAY TO GO!