Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Morning Grayson!

This morning Matt was in charge of watching Grayson for a minute while I got ready to feed him....this is what I walked in on! OHHH MY BOYS!!! Sleeping peacefully together! I think Grayson loves it when we take little cat naps with him in the mornings. Of course this is the ONLY time we have him in the bed with us becuase we are half awake :) Any other time we woudl roll over him when we are fully asleep!

Speaking of sleep - Grayson has been sleeping in his crib for over a week now!! He loves to stare at the tree that Katelin made him that hangs above his crib! He's getting so big!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Grayson is 6 weeks!!!

Grayson is 6 weeks old today!!! AND for his 6 week birthday my best friend Judith had her baby!!! Jace Samuel Weller was born this morning at 1:45 ish!!! I can't wait till Grayson and Jace can play!!! Of course we have to wait for Judith and Sam and the girls and Jace to move back to the mainland from Hawaii! I can't wait till August 2009!! I love you Jace and Can't wait to meet you!!! Here's Grayson in his BUBMO chair for the first time!!! He was trying to figure out if he liked it... I think he does :) Kari and I put him in it and then have him watch us make dinner :) He's getting sooo big!! He's barely starting to smile now... I'm hoping to catch a little grin on camera soon!

Look at that face!!! His looks are changing so much!! He's got a little double-chin which is soo cute to me :) and look at those lips!!!

Here are some videos of Grayson sitting in his Bumbo chair... He still can't do alot of tricks yet :) So sitting is pretty entertaining to us!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

9lbs 6oz!!!! BIG BOY!!!

So yesterday I had to take Grayson to the doctor becuase he's showing signs of having reflux...spitting up, arching the back, and GRUNTING all the time!!! Everything is good and he is growing like a weed :) He weighed in at 9 lbs 6 oz!!! The doc gave us some medicine to help with reflux and hopefully Grayson will be feeling better in the tummy in a few days :) Here's a picture of my view of Grayson from the car mirror... he LOVES his car rides and always falls asleep!
Here's Grayson in his cute new romper from Old Navy I found on sale!! SOO CUTE!
Well I'm glad I snapped a picture cuz shortly after Grayson blew out a diaper and it went everywhere!!! Oh the life of a new mom... cleaning up your little one's mess... he got a bath today after that!
Grayson's cute socks that look like little Hi-tops! Maw-maw got them for him!!!
I'm gonna get that paci!!!! Grayson was hungry and attacked his pacifier!! SO cute!!!

Here's a video I tried to get of Grayson grunting!!! Like Isaid he does it all the time!! usually becuase his little tummy doesn't feel good. Poor little guy! I just love him soo much and hate that he is uncomfortable sometimes! He's still just too cute!

Katelin's 20th Birthday!!!

Here's Aunt Andie with Katelin's BIRTHDAY BUNNY EARS ON!!!
Katelin blowing out all 20 candles!!! Our little girl is grown up!!!
Typical picture of me and katelin and kyle's tonsils!!!
A much better pic... you can see Kyle's face :)
The Ole Hank Hough Snake in the Cooler trick! Can you hand me a beer??? GOTCHA!
Katelin with her Bunny ears on... she's not so sure about them!
Katelin and her friend Abby!

Our sweet little man!!! Grayson is wearing the cute new outfit Gigi got him for the party! His bib says... "DO Feed the Bear!! " SO CUTE
Look at those lips!! I just want to kiss them!
Our little guy!
WHO DID THIS TO ME??? Grayson wasn't a fan of the birthday bunny ears!
Kyle and Katelin!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATELIN!!! I can't believe your 20!!! That's crazy!!! WE LOVE YOU!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Grayson is 5 weeks old!!!!

Here is Grayson in his "FUN TO BE AROUND" onsie...can't you tell he's having sooo much fun!
Grayson is wearing his cute Jungle Pal Outfit with the cutest baseball hat today!!
Mommy and Grayson!
Proud Mommy and Daddy!!!

So Grayson is 5 weeks old today!! I can't believe that it's been 5 weeks already! He's getting soo big! I have already had to retire some clothes that don't fit him anymore! :( so I'm not crying! :)
He's starting to stay awake more and become a little more interactive! We love our little man!! I really can't believe that we are so blessed to have him in our lives!

Playing with Cousin Kaleb

Kaleb has been trying to play with Grayson all week!!! It's been so much fun having Kyle and Andrea in town! It's cute becuase we are trying to teach Kaleb to be "Nice" and "Gentle" and he's starting to get the concept down!

Here's Kaleb kissing Grayson! Of course he also tried to bite his toes!!! :) Evidently he does that to his mommy and daddy...attack their feet!!
Grayson sported the "Karaoke in My Crib...2AM" shirt!!! Until he spit up on it :) But he's too cute!!!
Yeah for Karaoke!!

Kaleb is playing his the Jeep that Gigi and Papi have for the boys!!!

Aunt Andrea and her boys!! Kaleb gets a little jealous when she holds Grayson and he crawls up into her lap!
Kaleb was being SOOO SWEET to Grayson this night!!!
Give Grayson kisses!!!

Look at that face!!! Yep that's his..."I just tooted!" smile!! I can't wait for him to smile back at me!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Uncle Kyle, Aunt Andrea and Cousin Kyle meet Grayson!

Kyle and Andrea are in town this weekend and meet Grayson for the first time!!! Kaleb was a little confused and sleepy and I think wondering why his mommy was holding another baby! I can't wait for Grayson and Kaleb to be little buddies!!!

Our visit to Lil' Biggs

SO we took Josiah and Selah to this Lil' Biggs place (kinda like a chuckie cheese but for younger kids) They had a blast!!!!
This is Selah with her "brother" :)
Wes and Josiah playing games
Here we are taking in everything we have to look forward to in a couple years!!
Matt is modeling the SNugli we got! Grayson liked it and slept!
Brandy and Selah playing dress up!
Pretty Princess and Dr. Selah!!

Here's a video kinda showing you how crazy it was at this place with kids everywhere!!! As you can see Selah had a blast!!! But she was everywhere! Brandy and I got our workout keeping up with her! :)

We had a great time this week with Wes, Brandy and the kids! They loved seeing Grayson! Brandy was a great Aunt and sis-in-law and prepared meals and froze them for me! We miss them already and can't wait for Grayson to be old enough to PLAY with his cousins!!!