Monday, April 28, 2008

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We just found out that two of our friends (who are sisters and just 1 week apart) are having boys!!! Lisa and Lynae are about three weeks behind me and they found out today that they are both having boys too! Grayson is going to be apart of the next rat pack! Now on Wednesday Judith finds out what she's having! I'm praying for a boy :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cousin Kaleb, Stylin' and Profilin'!!!

Kaleb had a "fashion show" today! Mommy was dressing him in his new outfits and trying on old ones to make sure they still fit! The little camo aviators outfit was the first I bought for him! He looks so cool!!!

Workin' on Grayson's Room ALREADY!

This weekend Katelin came down from Greeley to help me with my first project for the baby's room! When Kari and I were shopping at Potterybarn Kids the other day we came across this art work that we loved!

The only problem was it's the wrong color scheme for Grayson's room... soooo Kari looked at it closely and convince me that we could make it on our own! Sooo I enlisted my sister's help! She's an art major at Northern Colorado and is AMAZING at all our her art projects.

Mom, Katelin and I went to Hobby Lobby picked out fabric that matched the bedding I want and went to work Friday night! With all three of us working together Katelin and I put the finishing touches on that night and we now have a wonderful MASTERPIECE to hang on the back wall of the nursery! See Below!

It's on the kitchen table in this pic but you can get the idea! I love it and it looks sooo good with the colors of the room! This got me really excited to start clearing out the office and start turning it into the baby's room! We are hoping to start not this weekend but next weekend!!!

Thanks Mom and Katelin for helping me!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pictures from Breckenridge

Here are some pics from our Breckenridge weekend! We had a great time!

Kaleb spikes his Hair!

Gigi spiked Kaleb's hair one morning! He looks sooo cute! i can't wait till he can meet his cousin Grayson!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Nursery Theme

I have had alot of people ask what the Nursery will look like... well it won't look like this exactly... but here is a picture of the bedding. We are going to throw in some monkeys too because Kyle from day one has affectionately called our baby a monkey... its a long story... maybe I will post it another night. But let's just say that Kyle makes monkey noises at my belly and feed me banana's every chance he gets. :) Love you Kyle! SO I have taken on the monkey theme threw in some other animals and saw this bedding and both Matt and I love it! We are planning a having a black crib too.

Also, give me a theme and I run with it... I have been attached to monkeys since my brother has started "Oooo Ooooo Ahhh Ahhh -ing at my belly so NOW every thing with a monkey on it is purchased and added to Grayson's growing wardrobe! Crazy Kyle! Silly Monkey!!!


I'm officially 20 weeks! Crazy to think we are half way there! I'm feeling pretty good and I love knowing that I'm going to have a little boy! Yes, at first I was shocked...maybe a little disappointed but after letting it sink in and giving up dreams of buying everything pink and a new dress each Christmas, I am EMBRACING this little boy that is growing inside of me and becoming extremely exciting!! It's still weird to refer to Grayson by names since for the last 19 weeks we have affectionately called it "it"! I have had a blast SHOPPING!!! Maybe a little too much fun! I feel like his closet is full!! Grayson is going to be one spoiled little boy... but I wouldn't have it any other way!

We have had fun registering at Babies-r-us!! Matt and I picked out all of our big stuff and the bedding and theme of the room and then Mom and I went and got all the little stuff today! I will probably still make some changes and additions to the registry but its good for now!

The first weekend in May we are planning on starting to clear out the office and make room for BABY!! I can't wait to start the nursery! Katelin is already working on projects for the room to make it look fantastic!

That's about it for now... our next appointment is the 22nd. I will keep you updated!!

Oh yeah the pics above show what the baby is supposed to look like and that its about the length of a banana... I'm thinking by next month I will really start to show more as Grayson gets bigger!

Weekend in Breckenridge!

This past weekend my parents, Matt, me and Kari went to Breckenridge Colorado for some fun and relaxation (our post-wedding weekend getaway)! Kari came along becuase Josh was at LVR with the youth all weekend...she didn't want to be lonely! It was a great weekend! Matt, my Dad, and Kari went skiing and Mom and I shopped!

Also! Our friend from Baylor was in Breckenridge with her parents at the same time! Chelsea came by the hotel lobby one night and we got to catch up and quickly see each other! It as great to see her again!

It was nice to relax and get away! Thanks Mom and Dad for the weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Grayson's first photo shoot!

Sweet little boy's body!!! I still can't believe that this baby is growing inside of me!!!
He was a little shy at first but the sonogram tech caught a glimpse of our little man! She only go this one pic for us but later one during the ultrasound we saw "him" more clearly! :)
We didn't get a great shot of his head but you can see his heart pretty clearly here!
Here's a blurry shot of his profile... you can see his little head and nose and chin... he was kinda arching his head back. We saw him move from his head down to this position!

Today was pretty amazing, overwhelming, and over all great!!!! It was soo much fun to see our baby! We had a great sonogram tech that knew how important it was to us to find out the sex of the baby and she worked really hard to make him mad and show his stuff :) For the longest time Grayson was crossing his legs and the tech was just about to announce that she thought he was a girl and just before she said anything he revealed to us he was a little boy!!!

After lots of poking and prodding Grayson started to move quite a bit! It was amazing to see him move and still not really feel anything. My stomach has been a little sore for the rest of the day and I'm convinced he's letting me know he did not like that this morning!!!

Matt is so excited and tonight we went to babies-r-us with our friend Kari and started our registry (at the least the big items) It's fun and I'm starting to go straight to the boys section and by-passing the girls section all together!

Thanks for your many prayer! Grayson seems to be very healthy!!! Weighing in at 10 oz!!! Everything looked good from what the tech saw and YES! there's still a baby in there! :)

It's a BOY!

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Grayson Alan Butler!!!! Yes we found out this morning that this little blessing in our lives will be a little boy! Matt is beyond himself and I'm soo excited to meet this little man! We did get some sonogram pictures that I will scan and post tonight!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Update on Baby!!!

Soo tomorrow is the big day!!! We have our first sonogram appointment! and hopefully if baby cooperates we get to find out what the baby is! I'm so excited to give the baby a name and quit calling it "it". Most importantly I'm praying that everything looks good and healthy for this little one! So far we have stayed true to our boy name but now I go back and forth on the girl name. I guess we will just have to see tomorrow!

Please pray for me to get some sleep tonight and please pray for the health of this little one!

We should get pic from the sonogram so I will post them tomorrow along with It's a _____!!!!

Until then...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kyle and Andrea are Married!!!

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately! Our newest additon to the family (officially)... Mrs. Andrea Robinson!!!!

The wedding was last Friday and it was great! The service was wonderful and beautiful! It was so nice to have family in town for the celebration!!!

Kyle and Andrea are on their honeymoon now in Mexico! Congrats Kyle and Andrea! I never thought I would see my baby brother up at the front of the church waiting for his bride to meet him! I'm so proud of the man my brother has become! Andrea is a perfect fit and made perfectly for Kyle by God!