Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Grayson's first photo shoot!

Sweet little boy's body!!! I still can't believe that this baby is growing inside of me!!!
He was a little shy at first but the sonogram tech caught a glimpse of our little man! She only go this one pic for us but later one during the ultrasound we saw "him" more clearly! :)
We didn't get a great shot of his head but you can see his heart pretty clearly here!
Here's a blurry shot of his profile... you can see his little head and nose and chin... he was kinda arching his head back. We saw him move from his head down to this position!

Today was pretty amazing, overwhelming, and over all great!!!! It was soo much fun to see our baby! We had a great sonogram tech that knew how important it was to us to find out the sex of the baby and she worked really hard to make him mad and show his stuff :) For the longest time Grayson was crossing his legs and the tech was just about to announce that she thought he was a girl and just before she said anything he revealed to us he was a little boy!!!

After lots of poking and prodding Grayson started to move quite a bit! It was amazing to see him move and still not really feel anything. My stomach has been a little sore for the rest of the day and I'm convinced he's letting me know he did not like that this morning!!!

Matt is so excited and tonight we went to babies-r-us with our friend Kari and started our registry (at the least the big items) It's fun and I'm starting to go straight to the boys section and by-passing the girls section all together!

Thanks for your many prayer! Grayson seems to be very healthy!!! Weighing in at 10 oz!!! Everything looked good from what the tech saw and YES! there's still a baby in there! :)

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