Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Weekend in Vail/Avon

We came up to Avon for Memorial Day... which we are now officially calling the "family honeymoon" :) Mom and I needed a break and weekend to relax and get away after the wedding :) Here are some pictures so far!

Gigi and Grayson!

At the Blues and BarBque festival in Beaver creek!

Thats a smoker Papi and matt were eying all day!

Grayson's first SNO CONE!!!! Yes they had an  amazing sno-cone place!! this prego mama was very happy! considering thats all i crave in the summers while prego and colorado springs never has them!!

awww...they match!!!

Playing at the park!

SO you know how everyone is supposed to have a twin in the world??? We found Josh keithleys!!!!! We were like what is Josh doing in Avon???? See picture above and below. I didn't get a straight shot - didn't want  to make "josh" think i was a complete creeper!

We tried going on a paddle boat ride...

Didn't last too long!

What a cute couple - still in love!!!!

Papi is goofy!!!

Grayson went on a jeep ride today with the boys!!!

Ready to go with his sunglasses!!!

Mom and I went shopping in vail! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This post is a little out of order :)

SO our family is doing alot of Celebrating!!!! Since March we have and will celebrate the following:
- Charlie's graduation from Pilot School
- Charlie's assignment to California and the C-5 plane!! His first choice!!
- Kyle getting a new job with Skywest Airlines!!! DREAM JOB for him!!!
- Andrea's graduation from CSU pueblo in BA in teaching
- Katelin was inducted to Lamda Phi Eta (Communications Honors Fraternity)
- Katelin's graduation from UCCS BA in Communications (graduated the day before wedding)
- Katelin and Charlie's wedding!!!!
- In June we will celebrate Matt graduating from University of Phoenix with BA in Business Management!!!
- Hopefully by end of June - we will find out if we will be having a boy or a girl! :)
We also have some friend weddings in June!! SO this has been a joyful time for us and we are so proud of everyone's accomplishments!!!!

Induction to Lambda Phi Eta

Katelin being given her graduation cords and pin

The boys at Andrea's Graduation - watching a DVD :) It was a long ceremony :)

Kaleb fell asleep on Papi!

Can you find Andrea????? 

Boys at Andrea's Graduation dinner :)

Papi got Matt 12 laps around the racetrack for his graduation present!!

Waving to Daddy as he raced by!!!

Look how cool daddy looks!!! HE GOES FAST!!!!

I wanna go fast :( Grayson was disappointed his car didn't move!

All the boys taking a jeep ride to the park - Don't worry its just down the hill :) 

Getting Pampered the day before Katelin's graduation!

The Graduate!!!

She made sure everyone knew she would be in all white the next morning :)

What a cute couple!!!

I love my baby brother and sister!!! Of course they aren't babies anymore!!!

Sisters!!! So proud!!

Uncle Robert and Dad getting ready for the wedding!!!

Katelin's reception venue the day of !!! GOD STOPPED THE RAIN FOR THIS SPECIAL DAY!!!


BFF's!!! It was so much fun hanging with Josh and Kari and Camber!!


Lot's of LOVE!!!

Papi and Matt!

Saying Bye to Josh! Tear... they look like they are about to make out!!!