Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last Wednesday the US Air Force had their graduation ceremony... we were excited because Charlie graduated!!!  Charlie is the Cadet my parents have sponsored for the last 4 years and now he's Katelin's boyfriend! He's really been apart of the family from day one! 

The USAF Thunderbirds put on a air show and flyover the stadium after the graduation for a 30 - 45 min show! Its crazy how everyone stops what they are doing ( even if they are driving:) ) and watch the planes!!! 

Here are some pics that our friend TIM at Image Factory Photo took! They are great!!!

In Formation!

Great Picture Tim!!!
Once again... gorgeous day! 

Dad and Katelin at the rainy Graduation parade!

Woo-Hoo!!! You did it!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The newest additon to the Butler family!!! Malachi!!! Mommy and Daddy with their baby boy!
Wes and Brandy have been keeping us updated while they are in Ethiopia through facebook and their blog!
Click their blog to see posts about their first meeting and second day with Mally!!!
Daddy and SON!

Malachi with his primary caregiver from the orphanage - it was clear that Mal was loved and cared for!

Happy boy!!!! SO CUTE! I can't wait to meet him!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Compassion Legacy Series - Video 6

Here is the sixth video I have done so far for Compassion... Sisay's Bridge!!

I love this story and love that its about a little boy from Ethiopia!

BY THE WAY - Wes and Brandy officially have met their son!!! Malachi is with his parents! They are in Ethiopia now and will be bringing Malachi back... you can follow their blog at

Their most recent posts talks about meeting him for the first time!!!

I can't wait to meet him in June at Nikki's wedding!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pickles and Mardin Organges

Today Grayson had a pickle for the first time!!! He was giving the funniest faces!!! SOO CUTE
Laughing at Uncle Josh!!!

Yummy Pickle!!!

A mouth full!!!
Look at those top teeth coming in!!!

Uncle Kyle was in charge!!!!

Uncle Kyle was watching the boys!!! It was hilarious what Kable was doing to play with Grayson... you have to watch the videos!
Kaleb was pushing Grayson in his tonka truck!!! He was going pretty fast! Grayson seemed to like it!!!

Uncle Kyle!!!!


Elliott came over with his mommy Allison and the boys had fun playing! Look at those blues!!!
Elliott and Grayson!
Kaleb was sitting on Elliott!!!! It was hilarious!!!

The boys playing!

Wagon Trails!!!

Gigi and Papi got the boys a fun wagon!!! They love being pulled and its a great way to wear them out and then put them them to sleep :)
Grayson is his cute monkey hat that Mawmaw and Pawpaw got him! I'm going to be sad when i can't get it on his cute head!

Gigi pulling her boys!

The boys!!!

Getting sleepy!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kingdom Dog Weekend

Like I said last post Hank Hough and his Kingdom Dogs were in town for their first Colorado tour! :) My dad has been apart of the ministry from day one and because I was in college when it frist started I had never seen a presentation... this week was amazing! TO see Hank and his demonstration of Freedom in Obedience and our relationship with our Master Jesus Christ was AMAZING!

Like I said last post too... Tim from Image Factory Photography took some great pictures for Hank and KDM to use in his new promo video that I'm working on and to use on his website.

This picture is amazing and completely conveys the obience of a dog to his master! I love the peacefulness that it conveys... just like the peace you have when you are obedient and serve your Master! Just Beautiful!
Gotta love the mountains in the background!!!

Hank with his dogs!

The boys! Prophet, Monk, and Bandera! (Matt's favorite was Bandera! Grayson likes Monk! )

The power is not if you CAN get the bumper... its if you can say no, only then will your MASTER let you live life abundantly!!!
TIM - These are awesome!!! SO GREAT! I'm IFP's biggest fan! :)
For more information on Kingdom Dog Ministries - - If you are in Texas you need to see this!!! Hank is at several churches a month... also you can book him for your next event as a guest speaker (men's event, school, etc...)
EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR THIS MESSAGE!!! God's truth lived out through dogs! (and I'm not a dog person)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grayson is 9 months!!!!

My baby is so quickly growing up to be a big boy!!! Grayson is nine months already!!! And I thought 9 months of pregnancy went by fast!! This is insane how fast he's growing up!

This weekend a good family friend of our was in town for his Kingdom Dog Ministries presentations and Tim Skrastins - IMAGE FACTORY PHOTOGRAPHY took pics of Hank doing his presentations... as Grayson was laughing he snapped this amazing picture!!!

Tim is the greatest to share it with me and to share his talents and love of photography with Kingdom Dog Ministries... Thanks Tim! (by the way Tim took Grayson baby pics and created his birth annoucement!)

More post to come!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Kaleb and Andrea are in town! So it's been so much fun watching Grayson and Kaleb play! Now that Grayson is crawling and more interactive with Kaleb its so much fun to see them together.
Here's Kaleb giving Grayson a kiss!!! Ahhh! How sweet!
Kaleb giving Grayson his pacifer!

Not sure what they are doing but its cute!!! They like to pull each others hair! - Such boys!

Kaleb in his little car!

Grayson is the car for the first time! It was funny becuase he stood up and started pushing it backwards while he was sliding out!!! he was having fun til he slid too much! :) This picture is great though!!!

So Cute!! love those eyes!

Kaleb with a mouth full of Bananas!!

Kaleb giving Grayson a taste of his banana!! Good sharing!

Look Grayson is starting to pull up on things!!!

Sweet little boy!!!
Kaleb is trying to sit on Grayson!!! He was sitting right in front of him!

Gigi with her boys!!! ( one more on the way)

I have a few videos that I will upload later :)