Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More wedding Pics... I'm snagging from others :)

Sara put some pics of the wedding weekend on facebook so I snagged some of her's too! I still need to upload Kari and my before and after pics of the wedding... we did all the decorating for Erinn! She loved what we did :)

Here's a pic of Sara (sis of bride) Erinn and Dustin (newlyweds ) at rehearsal dinner!

BFF wedding planners!
Uncle Josh babysat while Kari and I worked on wedding stuff! He did such a great job!! THANKS JOSH!

OH!! First dirty diaper change!! Josh is getting all the practice he can before his little one arrives in August! - They find out on Good Friday is Grayson is getting a BFF or a girlfriend!!! :)

Here's the group working on the very sensitive boutnieres and corsages!!! the heads of the roses kept snapping off!! its was a little stressful but we made plenty and they looked great!

Here's Sara with Grayson at Michael craft store.. shopping for wedding supplies!!! He's like... why am i being dragged aroung this whole week??? - Grayson was such a good baby for the whole week and wedding! being on a plane, jumping in and out of the car, sleeping in a playpen, being off scedule some days! He was a real trooper!!! I love him soo much!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Erinn and Dustin's Wedding Weekend!

We went to Portland, OR to go to my long time friend, Erinn's wedding! I took these pics from Lizzies facebook... i didn't get to take a ton of pics becuase i was behind the video camera :)
Our little family!!!
Matt and I sang in the wedding and i did decorations and wedding photos!
Girls table!

Becca, Lizzie, and Kari

Grayson is such a ladies man!!! :)

Kari, Erinn, Becca, and Lizze - college roomies!!! It looks like they had alot of fun in college!!!

My Boys all dressed up!! I am lucky!!!

Grayson matched the wedding colors perfectly!!! what a cute little man!
Grayson liked Lizzies purse!!

The girls!!! LOOK at Kari's little prego belly!!! and Cute haircut!!!

Bachlorette dinner!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grayson is 7 months!

So this post is a little late because Grayson turned 7 months old on Sunday! I still can't believe it's been seven months!! He's getting so big and he's just so fun! His newest thing is clapping his hands... Here are a couple pics of him playing!
Grayson loves his Jumperoo that Mawmaw and Pawpaw got him!! SO much he jumps himself to sleep! I took a couple pics of him sleeping in his jumper... its cute becuase we have a pic of Kaleb falling asleep in his jumper too :)

Matt's parents are in town this week... they got in on Monday and have been watching Grayson during the day for me while I work and try to get my new computer up and running... which that is a whole different story.
I'm glad that Grayson gets some one on one time with his Mawmaw and Pawpaw this week :) He's having so much fun with them too! I will try to take a couple pics before they leave tomorrow.

Here's a video of Grayson playing and clapping his hands :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Papi in route!!!


Dad almost went bust!!! Grayson and I dropped off my dad at the airport to go to France this morning for his 11:00 flight... he called as we were half way home... delayed until 2... then delayed again til 3.. he finally got on the flight. THEN I get a text.... 30 mins to get to my flight to Paris!! NOT GOOD... he didn't think he was going to make it but thankfully I think he got on a different flight to Paris.. I'm not quite sure since he was just texting me.

SO pray for Papi!!! he still has to get to Paris and then (after his first culture shock) find hsi flight to Marseille!!! Also pray that his luggage arrives too! but I do think it would be funny for dad to have to go out and buy a beret and a scarf to replace his american clothes!

Dad's last text to me before boarding the flight to paris : "Clark Griswald is starting his European Vacation!"


Sleepy boy!

Here's a pic of Grayson after his bath last night... he was soo tired and not feeling great... still has a bad cough :( But this pic shows his sweet cheeks :) and tired little eyes!

Just a short update on life : we have a working kitchen now... i don't think i've blogged about our kitchen but we got a new dishwasher and installed it and it was faulty and flooded our kitchen! we have been without a kitchen for over a month! But dad and matt put in the new wood floors and kari help me organize the kitchen and i now feel like I can live in my house!!

Matt is doing great at his new job! he loves it! we are still praying that a permanent position will open up for him to apply for! we would love to stay with this company.

I'm busy busy busy.... with working, being a mommy on my own (gigi is in France and Matt is now working), and editing LOTS of videos!! Crazy!

Anyways, our little boy is doing soo much every day! He now claps his hands and rolls over and over to get where he wants to be :) I'm going to try to catch him doing it on video and post it :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Compassion Legacy Series - Video 3

Here is my third video I did for Compassion! I really love this story... i know i know I will probably say that about every story!! But this one is a story that shows that the Compassion ministry works!! :)


We got to see Cousin Kaleb and Aunt Andrea!

Andrea and kaleb are in town!! Andrea has a doctor's appointment and ultrasound to find ou what baby #2 is!!! Of course we have to wait because Kyle couldn't come out so the ultrasound technician is instructed to right the sex of the baby on a piece of paper then place in an envelope and seal it...sign the seal.. and then hand it to Andrea. SO when she gets back to tulsa they will open it together and find out what they are having together! I love it!! Grayson and Kaleb playing!

Aunt Andrea and Grayson!

The BOYS!! Kaleb was soo cute putting his arm around Grayson to take a picture! It was adorable... NO he's not pinching him (Grayson looks scared) Grayson was just fussy and we caught a weird face! But they were both looking! Their age gap is getting smaller and smaller in the sense that it won't be long before they can play together!!

Kaleb's cute face!!! He's so animated!!!

Our little guy!!

Here's a pic of Grayson in his hat Aunt Brandy gave him!! Grayson has been sick with a chest cold, lots of congestion... the doctor called it bronchilitis or something... basically a virus we have to wait out.
I will post more later... the little guy needs me :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Compassion Legacy Series - Video 2

Compassion has posted the second video I did for the Wess Stafford Legacy series!!


I really liked editing this one! I love this story :)

Once again... this is an amazing ministry!!! I would encourage everyone to look into sponsoring a child in poverty... you can click the link to the right to see children in need of sponsorship!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Resource....Debt Snowball calculator

Debt Reduction - Download a free Debt Reduction spreadsheet from Vertex42.com.

We are in a Dave Ramsey class and just did our budget... I found this debt reduction (snowball) excel sheet that's amazing!!! I think the second page is cool!

Anyways, thought I would share :)
Penni was jealous of Grayson's jumperoo!! SO matt thought it was fair to let Penni try it out... crazy!!! I think she liked it :)

Grayson's bath time!

Grayson has had a rough day... i think he's teething and possibly cutting a new tooth. BUT we did talk a little walk to distract him from his teeth, go to the store to get diapers and formula...Grayson sat in the cart like a big boy!... and ate some banana puffs (starting to get the hang of eating finger foods) and tonight had his first bath sitting up with his bath toys!!!