Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Selah!!!

HAPPY 5TH IRTHDAY SELAH!!! we were so excited we got to celebrate with you!!!

Grandma and PawPaw's first picture with all th grandkids!!!

The whole Gang was in town!

Wes and Brandy and the kids were in town this week as well!! of course a nasty stomach bug was going around and Matt, Josiah, Selah, Wess, Me, Brandy, and even my brother has gotten sick so far!!! So unfortunately we didn't really get a chance to do much :( BUT we did go to Focus one day to get out of the house! Here are some pics from the day... ME and G
Wes and Mali!

Grayson and Malachi playing in the tunnel!

Selah was trying on dress up clothes!

Me and Brandy!!




So excited about sliding down the hue slide!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More St. Patty's Day Pics!

Here are more pics of the parade! Matt's parents are in town so Grayson is having so much fun with Grandma and PawPaw!
Grayson and Grandma!
Grayson on PawPaw's shoulders!!
Watching the parade and calling all the horses... "MOOOOOOO..." he thinks almost every big animal is a cow!
Happy St. Patty's day!!!

Here's a video of when Grayson first went on the train... I think he was more upset that Mommy wasn't going with him because as soon as I was out of sight he loved it!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Patty's Day Parade - Downtown COLO SPGS

Today we went to the St. patty's Day parade downtown!!! The weather is AMAZING!!!! and it was soo much fun getting outside and doing something different!!! Here are a few pics... more to come and videos too :)
Grayson took his first train ride!
This little man was getting tired :)
Our attempt at a family picture :)
Mommy and Daddy!
NEW FAVORITE PICTURE!!!!! Can't get any cuter than this!!! I LOVE MY BOYS!!!

Visiting Daddy At work!

Friday we went to visit Daddy at work!!! Here's a couple pics of Grayson and Daddy in his cube ;)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Playing at the park!

Today was actually such a nice day!!!! We went to the park with Kari and Jeff and Camber!! Matt was at LVR all day. Grayson is getting pretty brave going down the slides!!
Avery, Wyatt, and Grayson! - trying to get all three looking at the camera and smiling is impossible!
Mommy and Grayson!!!
Jeff and Camber
Kari and Avery!!!
This picture was right after Grayson and Wyatt bumped heads!

Chics dig scars!!! Grayson seems to get a new bump or bruise everyday!
Cheese Wyatt!!!

Marie was napping!
Hi Avery!!!
Going down the slide!
Hi Wyatt!
Grayson and Wyatt going down the slide!!! Mommy had never seen Grayson slide before - he's getting soo big!!!

Grayson going down BIG SLIDE!!!!

Lunch with Wyatt :)

Friday Camber and I went to chick-fil-a to let the boys play in the toddler playground :) Here are a few pics of Grayson and his BFF!!!

Grayson learned how to say "Wyatt" its his new favorite word!!! Yep at 6:45 am he's up calling for Wyatt to play!!! TOO CUTE!!!
The Boys!