Saturday, September 25, 2010

SUMMER 365 days out of the year!!!!!

We have a membership to Villa Sport and we love it!!! Not only to work out but too PLAY!!!! Grayson LOVES the indoor waterpark! And we love it too because we will have summer year round!!! I love that Grayson is getting used to the water too!

It takes him a while but he eventually goes down the slide!!

Wyatt came to play at the pool today with us!

This is a picture that have in the pool area... Villa Sport def gives us a resort feel! even if we cant make it to the beach!

The sun was in his eyes!

Tired boy!!!! What a gorgeous face!!!!

Here's a video of Grayson, Wyatt, and Matt going down the slide!!!!

flip video!

Today we got a flip video camera!!! and we got it for free! well we redeemed our debit card rewards for a gift certificate to best buy :)

Anyways its a little hand held video camera that downloads videos and makes it easy to upload to blogs :)

Here's our first flip video!!!