Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Little Elf Families!!!!

To See Me, Matt, Bauer, and Penni dance click -
To See Kyle, Andrea, and Kaleb dance click -

To see Dad, Mom, and Katelin dance click -
To see Wes, Brandy, Josiah, and Selah dance click -

Each family has a link next to it you can click to watch them dance. Brandy sent her's to me and thats where I got the idea! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We are sick :(

Well the last few days Matt and I have been sick. It's the normal winter cold, lots of congestion, runny nose, and a severe sore throat and just over all not feeling well! Matt has missed some work and I didn't go to my parents office yesterday. Please pray that we feel better! It's more frustrating than anything. But it gives me time to update my blog! Love Y'all!

Dear Santa from Josiah and Selah

Dear Santa,

Hi, how are you? Hi Santa. I have been good. I have been doingwhat mommy said to do and I have been kind to my sissy. My favoritestory is about david and goliath because david loves jesus and he savedpeople. Did you know that Jesus is God's son? I would like to see Jesusfor Christmas. I would also please please please please like a brother for Christmas please. I miss Toby and I would like a dog. Can you please give people who don't have soap and trashcans some clothes and food and airplane movies? I love you.


Dear Santa,

I like presents. I love my bubba. I love cinderella, can youbring me cinderella for christmas? I love mommy and daddy so much. Ilike to eat hamburgers. You are my favorite santa, I will not cry whenI see you. Please bring me cinderella princess chair. Amen.


These are the sweetest Dear Santa letters ever! Brandy sent us a copy of what Josiah and Selah wrote to Santa. We can't wait to see them at Christmas and see if Santa got there letters :) I'm hoping for a baby brother for Josiah too :) hahaha

The picture of them is from Halloween but it's the most recent one.

Good Morning Kaleb!

I just love this picture my dad took. Kaleb looks adorable and the lighting is gorgeous!

Monday, November 26, 2007


That's My BABY!!!

We took a family pic for my parents christmas cards and Kaleb was Santa! Cutest Santa ever!!!! He wasn't too happy about the outfit but we LOVED it!!!
Merry Christmas!

Sara turns 21!!!

Sara turned 21 on Thanksgiving so we took her out at 12:01 am and she got carded for a drink for the first time! We had fun! Thanksgiving we packed full of fun this year! The birthday girl is in the last picture with me!

More Pics from the Baptism

Kaleb was Baptized November 21,2007

Thanksgiving Eve service little Kaleb was Baptized! Kyle and Andrea asked us to be God parents and I sang "Child of the Father" during the service. We had an open house at Palmer Lake hosted by my parents where everyoen came for soup and salad! What a great event to be thankful for! Kaleb looked adorable in his white tux... in one pic he looks like he's praying! Kyle, Andrea, me and Matt went up for the actual baptism and Matt got to hold Kaleb while he was "sprinkled" :) As you can see in the group picture there was alot of aunts and uncles, great grandparents, grandparents, 2nd cousins, and great uncles...KALEB IS LOVED!!! We have soo much love to give him from both sides of the family he rarely gets to hang out with mom and dad when the whole family is together! WE ARE TRUELY BLESSED!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Quick update without Pics

Ok so this week has been hectic!!! Below are some posts that I got caught up on. Matt is doing great in school and only has one class left of this course. We had the Immanuel Lutheran Invitational Tournament with Kari this weekend. Matt's boys were in the tournament and they won the first game 62-10!!! It was great! Then the second game went into quadruple overtime!!! Unfortuantely they lost by one point. But they played a great game!

We had our youth meeting yesterday and had four boys come and we did turkey bowling!!! it was fun! I am going to try to put together a video and I will post it.

Sooo our newest update is my sister in law (matt's older sister) may come live with us and try to find a job here in the Springs!!!!! we are soooo excited! Please pray that God continiues to give Nikki direction and job opportunities here in Colorado!

Our GODSON Kaleb!

Last night Andrea and Kyle asked Matt and I to be God Parents of Sweet little Kaleb! We are honored! We love that little guy and it's nice to have Kyle home for Thanksgiving. Kaleb is being baptized Wednesday!


Here's a before and after picture showing you that I got my gap fixed and gums worked on to improve my smile... of course this was rigth after it was done so it's a goofy smile.

Freelance work for Compassion

Ok so it's been a while since I updated the blog.... so your going to get a couple new posts. Here are a couple pictures from my little booth at Compassion International. I do freelance for them by recording their chapel services from this booth while editing in the presentation slides, then i take the tape home and edit in an open and close and burn a DVD. God has blessed us tremendously with this job opportunity. I can still work at my parents and do this job and get some extra money each month. Thank you Lord for always providing! Also i love to hear about this incredible ministry and what they are doing around the world to fight poverty.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WOW Babe nice hair...

So this was Matt trying out new hair dos... i think he looks like a troll :) My cute little troll!
I was sick today with the flu :( Matt came home to take care of me... i love him so much. He is the biggest blessing in my life!

Kaleb's visit to Palmer Lake this week

Andrea and Kaleb came to see us Monday! Here are a couple of pics from the outing! We get to see them again Friday night! Congrats to Kyle for passing his last test! Everyone is crazy proud of you Kyle! Good JOB!

Immanuel Falcons Basket Ball Game #1

It's Basket Ball season again! Matt is coaching for Kari at Immanuel Lutheran again this year. He is coaching the 7th and 8th grad boys team and yesterday was their first game and it went well. Unfortuantly the didn't win but they played a good game and came close. I think the score was 13 - 18. Matt loves coaching and the boys seem to like him too! He's so cute in his coaching shirt!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Our Sweet Little Nephew Kaleb!

A sweet video of Kaleb.... he's so adorable! He misses his aunty Katelin!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Jeff Caylor @ Ricos

Tonight we went to Rico's cafe to see Jeff Caylor (our churches worship leader) play his original music. He was great. It was very relaxing sitting, chatting, and sipping wine! It was fun and something different!