Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2nd day of "school"

Grayson went to his second day at the CDC on Tuesday! These pics were posted backwards but they are still fun :) Grayson was sent home in his change of clothes! he spilled juice all over his first pair of clothes :)
Wyatt's first day! He did great!

Welcome back Grayson!!!

Come on Wyatt ! :)

Wyatt ready to go to school with his cool backpack!!!

Grayson's BEST FRIEND!!!

Grayson loves his best friend Wyatt... most of the time :) He has a hard time sharing sometimes but what 2 year-old doesnt :) HAHA but really Grayson LOVES WYATT!! They do everything together! and Wyatt is going to the CDC on Tuesdays! So I get to take the boys to school together :) Here are some pics of the boys!

YEAH!!! Ready to go to school!!!

Fourth of July sharing a bowl of fruit!

Hanging out in the back yard... sharin the love and enjoying a sucker!!!
These 2 are too cute!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Glimmering Hope...

Matt is LOVING his job at Compassion International and he is so passionate about helping children in poverty! Matt is back in school and for his Literature class he was given the assignment to write a poem.

I love my husband's heart and his character! In November he will get the chance to travel to Ecuador with Compassion and love on some kids!

We encourage everyone to sponsor a Compassion Child! Not only will it change the life of a child in poverty it will change YOUR life as well!

Below is his poem...

A Glimmering Hope

A young boy living in a certain class

Sleeps on the floor wondering if his next breath will be his last,

A small girl born into a specific pool

Wishes and hopes she has the chance to go to school.

Where hope and light diminishes to a slight glow

And darkness and despair grows and festers in the soul

Injustice grows and corruption flourishes

But like the dawn breaking forth

A sponsor steps forward to show a child their worth

A meal, an education, a simple prayer

For a child goes beyond comprehension and beyond all compare

But there are so many you say

How could I, one person, one family dare say I can make a change

In the words of Dr. King

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

So will you let injustice prevail?

Or loose the chains and have injustice fail

- Matt Butler


Two years ago yesterday God blessed us with this precious little boy!!! I had NO CLUE how much love I had to give until I had him!!! Matt and I daily are in AWE of this little boy! Grayson has become such a fun little person... with a great since of humor, infectious smile, and mid of his own!!! I can only imagine what this next year will bring!!!

Here are some of our very favorite pics of our "baby"!! Grayson Alan!!!
One of his first pics in the hospital!
Daddy's ready to take him home!!! Look how little he is in his carseat!!!
Sweet boy!! My favorite features... his mouth and his hands!!!
Little sleeper!
First time in his crib!!
Look how little he was!! So fragile!!
Here come the smiles!!!
Hello Big Blue!!!
I love this boy!!!
OHH I loved these days... what a cute little pumpkin head!! Grayson is so lovable!!!
Clap your hands!!!
Grayson LOVES his Daddy and his DADDY LOVES HIS BOY!!!
Bubbles!! One of Grayson's first words!!!
Skip to NOW - 2 years old!!!
Thank you Lord for giving us such a blessing!! I never knew how much I would love my little man!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAYSON!!!!

Grayson's 2nd Birthday Party!!!

Saturday we celebrated Grayson's 2nd birthday with a Camping and Diego party!!! It was a lot of fun and alot of work :) Poor Grayson didn't take a good nap that day and was pretty fussy through his party... i think it was a combination of exhaustion and being a little overwhelmed :)

he still had moments of joy and fun though!!! Thanks to Andrea for taking some pics while my hands were full :)
Grayson opening his birthday presents!! He LOVED the new train set the Keithley clan got him!!

You can see he's sooo tired!!! But has a really cool "diego" temporary tattoo!!! :)

Sooo excited about presents... a little confused too :) i think he was more worried about the other little boys crowding around looking at his presents with extreme interest :)
Kaden playing in the tent!!!
Grayson Playing!!!! All the kids loved going in and out of the tents!!!
Grayson's friends!!!
Kaden likes balloons!
HI Wyatt!!!
Hi Mackenzie!!!
Say Cheese!!
How many toddlers can we put in a tent without one of them melting down because someone took their toy?? :) That was the game of the night!!! HAHA Grayson had 12 friends come!!!
The weather was GORGEOUS!!!!! in the low 70s... nice breeze....NO RAIN... couldn't have been happier about that!!!! Also one thing we did is have smores... but I didn't get any pics of that :(

Here's Grayson cool Diego/Camping outfit!!! Note the cute books that his cousin Josiah handed down to us!!! LOVE THEM!!! perfect for camping in colorado :)
I'M 2!!!! and Mommy didn't cry!!!!
Here's a little video of the kids playing in the tent!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st DAY at CDC!!!!

Grayson had his first day of "school" today! he is now enrolled at Family of Christ CDC and goes tues and thurs for half a day!!! Here are some pics from this fun milestone in his little life :) He's sooo stinkin cute with his backpack!!! the thing is as big as he is!!!
Grayson came home with his first drawings and paintings!!!

Matt dropped G off because I had a shoot at Compassion. I'm glad he got to be apart of his special day! I made sure he got some pictures!!!
Ready for School DADDY!!!
Grayson LOVES his backpack!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Grayson and Kaleb are going to the Parent's Day Out program at our church's CDC this year!! last night was OPEN HOUSE where the boys got to meet their teachers and check out the room!

Grayson in the cool reading tent!
Kaden found the vacuum and started cleaning :) takes after his momma!
Kaleb's Cubby!

Grayson's Birthday

Grayson's Cubby!

Kaleb likes the reading tent too!!!

We are excited for them to start tomorrow!!