Monday, August 16, 2010

Grayson's 2nd Birthday Party!!!

Saturday we celebrated Grayson's 2nd birthday with a Camping and Diego party!!! It was a lot of fun and alot of work :) Poor Grayson didn't take a good nap that day and was pretty fussy through his party... i think it was a combination of exhaustion and being a little overwhelmed :)

he still had moments of joy and fun though!!! Thanks to Andrea for taking some pics while my hands were full :)
Grayson opening his birthday presents!! He LOVED the new train set the Keithley clan got him!!

You can see he's sooo tired!!! But has a really cool "diego" temporary tattoo!!! :)

Sooo excited about presents... a little confused too :) i think he was more worried about the other little boys crowding around looking at his presents with extreme interest :)
Kaden playing in the tent!!!
Grayson Playing!!!! All the kids loved going in and out of the tents!!!
Grayson's friends!!!
Kaden likes balloons!
HI Wyatt!!!
Hi Mackenzie!!!
Say Cheese!!
How many toddlers can we put in a tent without one of them melting down because someone took their toy?? :) That was the game of the night!!! HAHA Grayson had 12 friends come!!!
The weather was GORGEOUS!!!!! in the low 70s... nice breeze....NO RAIN... couldn't have been happier about that!!!! Also one thing we did is have smores... but I didn't get any pics of that :(

Here's Grayson cool Diego/Camping outfit!!! Note the cute books that his cousin Josiah handed down to us!!! LOVE THEM!!! perfect for camping in colorado :)
I'M 2!!!! and Mommy didn't cry!!!!
Here's a little video of the kids playing in the tent!!!

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Anonymous said...

Man, our little man is growing up so fast! Matt - love the poem you wrote. So appropriate for your heart in the Lord! Proud of all of you!