Sunday, August 31, 2008

Grayson in his crib!

Last night we attempted to put Grayson in his crib to sleep! He didn't last very long! He was pretty fussy and wide awake!! We are currently as I type trying again tonight... he's not really corporating :) But we are giving some time to see if he will fall alseep!
I have to be honest! I got a little teary-eyed when we left him by himself for the firsttime in his crib but we want him to learn this is his bed :) I think he looks so cute in his crib!

He's kinda smiling in this last picture! Gosh he's sooo cute!!

The Butley's Fire Pit!

So this weekend kari, josh, matt and i went up to palmer lake to help dad with his landscaping! Well I just watched the baby and used the excuse of having a baby two weeks ago to get out of the hard labor! :)

SOOO since we are attached at the hip with Josh and Kari, Marc officially named us the Butleys! It's a combo of both of our names and hilarious!!!! Way to go Butley's!!!

Katelin had Grayson in the baby sling for the first time!!!
This is Grayson in the baby sling! He looks so cozy and buddled up!!
The crew working on the fire pit!
Gigi with Grayson!!! Making sure he's good and bundled!

Way to go keithley team!
Papi and matt workign hard!

Josh's ART

Josh got a hold of the camera and decided that these pictures were ART!!! I think it's funny! josh wanted me to post his art :)

Mackenzie's First Birthday!

Grayson is only 2 weeks old and going to his second birthday party!!! Mackenzie turned 1 on the 27th and on Friday we went to her birthday party! He was a little more interactive this party but mostly slept through the whole thing! :) Happy Birthday mackenzie! With Auntie Kari and Uncle Josh!
Mackenzie eating her birthday cake then shoving it up her nose!!!

Auntie Katelin came down to see Grayson! Gigi and Papi love him!!
Mackenzie was trying to get in Grayson's car seat!
Aunt Kari with sleeping Grayson!!!
This video below is Mackenzie giving Grayson kisses!!!! SOOO Cute!

Friday, August 29, 2008

2 week Doctor's Appointment!

He's a growing boy!!!! Here are Grayson's stats from the doctor's appointment!

Birth Weight : 6 lbs 6 oz Today's weight : 6 lbs 15 oz! 15-20 % Still a little guy!!!
Birth Height: 19 in Today's height: 20 1/4 in ! 40 - 50%
Birth Head size : 12 1/2 in Today's head size : 14 in! 25 %

The doctor said he looked great! he was very impressed with his weight gain since he had dropped down to 5 lbs 11 oz as the lowest! I'm very proud of my good eater!! :)
I can't believe his practically 7 lbs already!!!
Above are pics of Grayson hanging out with his Daddy!!! They are too cute! I love my boys!!!

Baby Portraits

Grayson got his baby portraits done yesterday!! Tim Skrastins with Image Factory photography goes to Family of Chirst and did Katelin's amazing senior portraits!!! We are exchanging talents... I get baby pictures and he gets editing from me! I'm excited to edit his stuff anyway because I LOVE all of his work!!! He posted this one picture on my facebook last night after our session! Penni looks so cute! Meme - don't worry she's not too close to the baby :)

It was great becuase Tim came to the house and Matt took his dinner break a little early for us to get some family pics too! The few that I saw are amazing!!!

You can go to to see Tim's work! Once we pic pictures I will post more!

Thanks again TIM!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FOC softball game!

Grayson and I went to the Family of Christ softball game tonight with Josh and Kari! They won and Auntie Kari hit a homerun!!! Grayson is her good luck charm!

Grayson was getting hungry!!! He's trying to eat my cheek :)

Sleepy time!

Here's our little baby sleeping soundly! I love how he sleeps with his hands behind his back like he's just chillin!

Grayson's first bath!!

Last night Matt and I got to give Grayson his first bath! His chord fell off so we don't have to do sponge baths anymore! I think at first he was a little freaked out and not sure why he was back in a watery place :) but he got used to it and relaxed a little! Look at that big belly!! Grayson just ate before his bath!!! What a cute little belly!

Dry me off Daddy!!! It's COLD!!!

Grayson growing and changing!!

Grayson is growing and changing!!! I feel like everytime I take a picture he looks a little older and bigger! He's soo stinkin' cute!
Grayson is starting to stretch his little legs! Look at those little bird-legs!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Grayson's new outfit and Cool Shoes!!!

Grayson is stylin' today! He's in a little onsie and pants that his Mommy and Daddy got him yesterday cuz he doesn't fit into any outfits we already have yet! The pants are a little big but he looks so cute! He's wearing the cool shoes that Crystal got him for a shower gift! I LOVE THEM! They too are just a little big but not much... he's got some big feet!

Last night was a great night!!! Grayson gave us chunks of 4 hours to SLEEP!!! Mommy and Daddy were very grateful! I think now he realizes when it's day and night becuase he's staying up more during the day and going to sleep at night!!! I'm so proud of my little boy!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


and finally... MAGNUM!!!!

If anyone knows my family, especially my brother we are big fans of the movie ZOOLANDER with Ben Stiller. Evidently Grayson is a fan too and a natural by the way! Last night while waiting to nurse Grayson whipped out the BLUE STEEL!!! It's so adorable and Matt and I were cracking up!!! It's his new thing to do to let me know... Mom, I'm hungry and unbelievably good-looking! :) That's our little model! GRAYSON - SO HOT RIGHT NOW!!!

Avalon in Concert!!!

Family of Christ Church (my parents and josh & kari's church) had Avalon in concert last night! Yes we took our 8 day old infant to the concert but we sat in the back and covered his little ears with a blanket and he slept right through it!! :) The concert was amazing!!! Grayson got a pic with Avalon by himself!!! :)

The gang with Avalon! Matt, Grayson, Pastor Dyer, Avalon guy 1, Avalon girl 1, Marc, Avalon girl 2, Avalon guy 2, Kari and Me :)
Grayson with Avalon!!! I'm pretty sure he was the youngest one at the concert :)

This is a video of Avalon doing the chorus of the song Adonai... I love this song! They sounded amazing all night! My favorite part of the concert was when they sang the ending part of the song "Total Praise" that we used to sing with BRH and BRH sang at our wedding! I didn't have a chance to get that on video...dang it :) It was a great night but made us VERY SLEEPY staying out that late... thankfully our little boy had a great night and gave us chucks of 3 hours to sleep.