Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Butley's Fire Pit!

So this weekend kari, josh, matt and i went up to palmer lake to help dad with his landscaping! Well I just watched the baby and used the excuse of having a baby two weeks ago to get out of the hard labor! :)

SOOO since we are attached at the hip with Josh and Kari, Marc officially named us the Butleys! It's a combo of both of our names and hilarious!!!! Way to go Butley's!!!

Katelin had Grayson in the baby sling for the first time!!!
This is Grayson in the baby sling! He looks so cozy and buddled up!!
The crew working on the fire pit!
Gigi with Grayson!!! Making sure he's good and bundled!

Way to go keithley team!
Papi and matt workign hard!

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