Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aunt Katelin comes to visit!

Aunt Katelin already made a trip down from Greeley to spend some time with Grayson! We had dinner with the Grandparents at Palmer Lake last night! It was nice to have the whole family together to celebrate Grayson's arrival. Tom and Katelin with Grayson!
Gigi and Aunt Katelin

Last night I got up for a second and looked back at the bed and found my boys and Penni sleeping so cute!!! Penni is doing pretty well adjusting to Grayson being here. She just always wants to be in the same room as him and check him out. Last night we caught her staring at the bassinet for like 5 mins! So Cute!

Daddy with Grayson this morning. One: Grayson's hat is too big! Two: Daddy looks tired! :) But my favorite thing is to watch Matt with Grayson! He's such a good dad and loves his little boy soo much! Matt has been amazing to wake up in the middle of the night to put a pacifer back in Grayson's mouth or help me get ready to feed him. I'm so blessed to have a helpful, hands - on husband! I am going to be sad when he goes back to work next week... it has been so much fun to be together ALL DAY, ALL WEEK! It's reason enough to have another one :) Don't worry not anytime soon :)

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Amanda said...

Tell Matt to put some pants on! LOL