Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grandma and Pa-pa visit!!!

Grandma and Pa-Pa came to visit for Matt's graduation... we went to the Zoo on a beautiful day that weekend!! I love the Cheyenne Mountain zoo!!!
Grayson Feeding the giraffes!

Feeding the giraffe all by himself!

Grayson and Grandma!

Grayson and Pa-Pa

Our awesome zoo!!! 

Sweet Boy! He loves his Grandma!

Pa-pa took G for a ride on carousel - sorry pic is blurry

3 generations!


Daddy and his boy!!!

I love these boys!!!!

Little man in a little tux!!!!

Grayson was in 2 weddings this summer!!! He was in my sister and Charlie's wedding in May and our good friends Sara and Paul's wedding... here are the few pics that he let us snap!!
Grayson and Paul

Sara, Avery, Grayson, and Paul
Camber, Marie, Kaden, Avery, Grayson, Kari - walking in at Katelin's wedding

Grayson ran by Katelin and Charlie as they were posing for a picture in the beautiful Air force Academy Chapel!!

Avery and Grayson walking down the aisle at Sara's wedding - they look so serious!!!

It's a BOY!!!!

That's right we found out that we are expecting another little boy early November!!


It was so exciting to find out what we were having :) Matt's mom was in town and we surprised her and had her come to the doctor's appointment with us. My mom came as well! It was very special!

My mom had a blue bag and a pink bag waiting in the car for me... I got to open the BLUE bag :) Here's Jackson's first onsie!!! :)

I'm so excited to meet my new little man!!! Grayson is thrilled to be having a baby brother! He keeps saying "baby Jackson is comin over!" He will soon find out baby Jackson is coming over to stay!!! :)