Saturday, July 25, 2009

Grayson's Pseudo-Walking!!!


Kari asked me if Grayson has tried walking behind his toy walker and I was like not in a while becuase it has a tendenacy to slip out from out of his reach... so we tried again today... and he started walking all by himself behind it!!! It was great!

The top video is the first time he tried... the bottom later that evening!!!

Grayson is doing soo much new stuff lately!!! Today he blew me a kiss back!! I'm going to perfect that skill and get it on camera!!!

Grayson's new play tent!!

This is the playtent that I found at a gargage sale yesterday for $8!!! I was so excited about this purchase one because Grayson loves to crawl and go under things (so i assumed he would like this) and two becuase it will be great to set up at his birthday!! All of his little friends are crawlers too! :)
Last night we set up just the tent part and a couple of tubes to show Grayson... he loved it!!!
Crawling into the tent!

Crawling through the tubes!

It was funny because Grayson would get half way in the tube and push on it and make it roll... like a hamster ball!!! It was soo cute!

First time through!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Time!

Grayson standing all by himself!!!
Kari's Baby shower that church threw her and Josh!!! She's getting closer!

Gigi and Grayson!

Little man!!

Peek a Boo!! Under the kitchen table is Grayson's favorite place to play!!!

Katelin and Charlie!

We had dinner outside at Palmer Lake to celebrate Charlie's birthday!

Grayson and Eden playing!!

Swimming at Aunt Katelins

Last weekend we went swimming at Aunt Katelin's apartment pool!! It was fun and Grayson loves the water but it didn't last long becuase a storm blew in!
Here are some pics of Grayson enjoying the pool!

Grayson loves his floaty!!!

WATCH OUT!!! GRAYSON BEHIND THE WHEEL ALREADY!!! (oh wait the cars not moving)

Grayson got behind the wheel and put Daddy's shades on, kicked his head back and showed us how to drive in style.... OH HELP US WHEN HE'S 16!!!!

Look at me daddy!!!

Trying out the steering wheel!

Grayson 11 month pictures!!!

I'm 11 months old!!!!
Look at that smile!! I told him to say cheese and he gave me this huge smile!!!
On July 15th marked Grayson is 11 months old! I haven't had chance to post pics so I'm a little behind but I thought but late than never!
Happy Boy!!!
I have to admit that I didn't realize that I would be sooo emotional about Grayson turning one!!!! I guess it's just gone by so fast and we can't hit rewind to really soak up the baby moments!! So the last few weeks I'm going over every memory and moment with him so I dont forget!!
I think that's it... everyone says OH you forget about teething and nursing and all the little things and I dont ever want to forget!!

Grayson trying on Mommy's sunglasses!

Charlie and Grayson! - look how long he's gotten!!!

Papi and Grayson playing and looking out the window!

Grayson in his cute pants!! I love this little outfit!

My good little eater (takes after his daddy!)

Hello!!! Grayson is waving Hi now!! its so cute walking throught the store and see him wave HI to people!! He can make anyone smile!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Parade!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!! We started off our morning going to the 4th of July Parade in Monument! Grayson first parade and I think he really liked it!!!Grayson was waving his flag so much... it covered his face!!! Completely!!!

Kari's patriotic belly!


Grayson looking at the fire truck going by!

Mommy and Grayson!!
Love this picture!!! Its the perfect parade pic... even though its the back of their heads!

Mom and I were posing with our water and flag! We are goofy!

BFFs and parents to be!!! Josh and Kari!
Dad, Matt, Grayson and Grandpa! MEN IN RED!
Gigi and Papi!

Our little Family!!! 
Oh!!! he looks so much older in this pic!! i'm telling you its the hats!!!
Happy mommy and daddy!!! 
Hello booger!!!
Grayson got a new stroller - the one we had broke and we got a full refund to replace it with the warranty we bought! SO of course we got a JEEP stroller! Its great - all terrain!!

I love HATS!!!

My new favorite thing is to have Grayson wear baseball hats!! I think he looks so cute and so much like a little boy and not a baby anymore! SAD :( I love these pics of Matt and Grayson!

What a cutie!!!