Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grayson rolled over!!

Grayson Rolled over last night!!! Wes and Brandy are in town with the kids and they got to see his Rolling Over Debut!!!

It's funny becuase my goal for Grayson was to have him roll over before Kyle left to go back to Tulsa... Grayson rolled over the day after! I think that's his way of telling me he's on his own time schedule!!!

He's sooo cute and I have a feeling that these next few months are going to fly by becuase he's going to learn something new every day!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Grayson the ELF! What's your favorite color???

Grayson changed into his elf outfit that his cousin Josiah let him borrow!!! He looked sooo cute!!!

Here's Grayson in his NEW portable highchair that Gigi and Papi got him for Christmas!!!

Opening Presents!

Matt got a gun safe for Christmas!!! YEAH!
Our best present yet!!!!

Grayson with his moblie toy that "Santa" got him!! He really likes it!!!

Grayson looking at his toy that Auntie Andie and Uncle kyle got him!!! He likes it too!!!

His first present he opened!!! A Christmas Bear!!!

Grayson's First Christmas Eve Service!!!!

Grayson had his frist Christmas eve service! Mommy and Daddy were singing in the choir that night for both services so Auntie Kari watched him for us! THANKS Auntie kari!!! :) Look at those beautiful blue eyes!!! Just like his Daddy's!
Little Guy!! Grayson was dressed sooo cute in his outfit that MawMaw and PawPaw got him! I have to say that he was the cutest baby at church! :) I'm a little biased though!!!

Mommy and Grayson!

Daddy and Grayson!!!!

Our beautiful family!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Photo Shoot!

We had a Christmas photo shoot for our Chritsmas card today!!! Hopefully i will get the cards out tomorrow just in time for Christmas! Here's my all - time FAVORITE PHOTO of my boys!!!!
Happy Family!!!

My Little santa is adorable!!!

It took all of us to get the perfect pic!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Me and My GiGi!!!

I love my GiGi!! Even when I don't show it on my face!! Little guy is just not himself after his shots but he's getting lots of cuddle time with Daddy and GiGi!
See! he loves his lovie!!!!

PICTURES!!! Courtesy of GiGi's Camera!!

Yeah!!! Gigi had some pics of Grayson on her camera and we took some today too!!! Here's Grayson with his new lovie!!! It's a monkey!!! Of Course!!! He LOVES it! I gave it to him in Wal-mart and he squeezed it and loves it!!! He goes everywhere with it!!! not that he has a choice!! but he really does love it!! It was so much fun to get a reaction out of a present we got him!!!
Little guy is not himself after his shots!!! :(

I don't want to smile!!!

All bundled up to go to the Palmer Lake star lighting!!! Grayson looks scared!!!

Why Can't I move??? Maybe it's becuase I'm too bundled up!!!

Auntie Katelin at Thanksgiving with Grayson!!!

Meeting Great Grandma for the first time!

Not a happy boy!!!


Sorry Sorry SOrry!!!!

I KNOW IKNOW!!! it's been forever since my last post!! Things have been a little crayz and over the Thanksgiving holiday my laptop whacked out and had to get a new hard drive!!! therefore... since we dont have internet at home I haven't been able to post anything... now I'm up and ready to go and I left my camera at home! SO unfortunately I don't have any new pics :( BUT I will say that Grayson is getting soo cute and fun!!!

Today he is 4 months old!!! We went to the doctor and the doc said he's doing great! He can even start on some rice cereal and baby food! My little man is growing up! ALSO... Grayson is starting to cut 2 teeth!!! mommy is going to cry!! He's def. starting to teethe more and LOVES chewing on his hands!! So much his hand was "pruney" from sucking on it! Today he got his shots so he's a little fussy! But Grayson is such a good baby and does great sleeping through the night and eating!!! He loves to laugh at his daddy too!!!

We are doing great! WE feel very blessed even in this season of unemployment for Matt. He interviewed with Compassion International and hopefully we should here by Wednesday if he got the job! PLEASE PLEASE pray that he gets the job! it would be amazing for him!!!

I'm still continuing to do freelance projects for Compassion with shooting, directing, and editing! I love that I can still work from my parents home and bring Grayson to work with me and still do my video production on the side!

I will bring the camera tomorrow and post some pics!!!

Oh Yeah... Grayson is 13 lbs 2 oz! 20% percentile ( what a little guy) In his height he's 40% and head circumference 60%!!!!