Monday, December 15, 2008

Sorry Sorry SOrry!!!!

I KNOW IKNOW!!! it's been forever since my last post!! Things have been a little crayz and over the Thanksgiving holiday my laptop whacked out and had to get a new hard drive!!! therefore... since we dont have internet at home I haven't been able to post anything... now I'm up and ready to go and I left my camera at home! SO unfortunately I don't have any new pics :( BUT I will say that Grayson is getting soo cute and fun!!!

Today he is 4 months old!!! We went to the doctor and the doc said he's doing great! He can even start on some rice cereal and baby food! My little man is growing up! ALSO... Grayson is starting to cut 2 teeth!!! mommy is going to cry!! He's def. starting to teethe more and LOVES chewing on his hands!! So much his hand was "pruney" from sucking on it! Today he got his shots so he's a little fussy! But Grayson is such a good baby and does great sleeping through the night and eating!!! He loves to laugh at his daddy too!!!

We are doing great! WE feel very blessed even in this season of unemployment for Matt. He interviewed with Compassion International and hopefully we should here by Wednesday if he got the job! PLEASE PLEASE pray that he gets the job! it would be amazing for him!!!

I'm still continuing to do freelance projects for Compassion with shooting, directing, and editing! I love that I can still work from my parents home and bring Grayson to work with me and still do my video production on the side!

I will bring the camera tomorrow and post some pics!!!

Oh Yeah... Grayson is 13 lbs 2 oz! 20% percentile ( what a little guy) In his height he's 40% and head circumference 60%!!!!

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Brandy said...

Forgot to tell you, SO excited about baby food- I am bringing my book and supplies and we will get him set UP! No nephew of mine will be in his 20s and not know what a peach tastes like-LOL!!!!
Love you-