Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Matt's 1st Compassion trip!!!

Matt is taking his first trip with Compassion this week!!! He is going to Ecudor! This is an exposure trip - so he will visit a child survival program, child sponorship program, and leadership development students!!

Please pray that he has a great trip!!! I've been calling into Compassion's hotline to get updates on the trip. everyone (luggage included) arrived safely and they are having a great time! i'm excited to share picture with you when Matt get's home!!!

Here is a link from Compassion's website that gives you a little information about the country and history of Compassion in Ecuador.

SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY!!! It will not only change a life of a child in poverty but I promise it will change your life too!!!

More pics to come and stories from Matt when he returns!!!!

Omaha Zoo

Today we went to the Omaha Zoo! i heard it was pretty amazing...IT WAS!!
 Our first exhibit - the jungle!
 Cool "Indiana Jones" bridge you could cross! Hi Camber, Wyatt , and Addy!

 Me, Camber, and Krista with the kiddos!
 YEAH! BFFs!!!
 The sisters with the kiddos :) I love how Grayson and I are always just part of the family!
 Grayson, Wyatt, and Addy - looking into an exhibit
 Kids and Saving Sisters!
 Sweet Marie!!! She's walking everywhere!!
 My little butterfly!!!!
 In the butterfly dome - looking at a buttefly!

 All the kids - minus Rylie - she's in school!
 Sisters and the cousins (minus Rylie) LOOK at Aiden in kari's belly!!! he's getting bigger!!!

 Gorgeous fall leaves!!!
 Look at the Tiger mommy!!!
ONE tired little boy!!!!! He had a blast at the zoo!!!!


 This week Grayson and I took a road trip to nebraska with Camber to finally go visit Josh, Kari, and Avery!!! I was a little nervous about doing this road trip without Matt (he's in Ecuador with Compassion) but Grayson did GREAT! The trip went by pretty fast too! leaving at 4:30 am helps ;)


We made it!!! I was so excited to see Avery!
 Kari and her nephew Gabe!
 Find all 7 kids!!! Yes 7 kiddos!! Kari's sister, Krista, also lives in omaha... so our nights are bsy when everyone is over for dinner! Rylie, Addy, Gabe, Avery, Wyatt, Marie, and Grayson!
 GRAYSON AND AVERY!!!! So excited to see each other again!!!
What a cute couple! hehehe

Trick or Treat

HOWDY!!! Grayson was a cowboy ! YEE HAW!! we went around the neighborhood with camber, Wyatt, and Marie for a little bit then helped pass out candy!