Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Matt's 1st Compassion trip!!!

Matt is taking his first trip with Compassion this week!!! He is going to Ecudor! This is an exposure trip - so he will visit a child survival program, child sponorship program, and leadership development students!!

Please pray that he has a great trip!!! I've been calling into Compassion's hotline to get updates on the trip. everyone (luggage included) arrived safely and they are having a great time! i'm excited to share picture with you when Matt get's home!!!

Here is a link from Compassion's website that gives you a little information about the country and history of Compassion in Ecuador.

SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY!!! It will not only change a life of a child in poverty but I promise it will change your life too!!!

More pics to come and stories from Matt when he returns!!!!

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