Monday, February 22, 2010

Steffi and Ryan Visit

This weekend My college roommate came to visit and meet Grayson! It was so great to see them !!! Here are a couple pics :)


This little boy melts my heart everyday with each HUG, KISS, SMILE, and LAUGH!!!


I love my New Hat!!!

Grayson got a new winter hat since it's been snowing quite a bit!!! Here are some adorable pictures from yesterday!!!

My Little boy LOVES to laugh!!! He is such a joy!!!!

Katelin's Engagement Party!

Last weekend was Katelin and Charlie's Engagement party!!! Here are some fun pictures from the evening!! Kari and Avery!
Grandpa Dave and Avery!

Dad, Mom, Katelin, and Charlie

Camber, Mike, Melissa, and Jeff

Charlie, Mom, Lisa, and Laura

Sara and Katelin

Bride and Groom!

Me and Katelin!

Camber, Kari, and Me!

Gigi and Papi!

Me and My Valentine!

Cute favors! Charlie will be wearing his Air Force uniform!

Girls Night / Just Dance!!!

The other weekend we had Girls Night/Guys Night! The boys were at our time watching UFC and eating wings... the respective wives and financees were at Kari's playing JUST DANCE!! It's a Wii game where you mimick a dancer to get points! It's alot of fun and silliness! It was great to hang out with Morgan and Chelsea!!! Morgan and Chelsea getting their GROOVE ON!!
Camber, Katelin, and WYATT! Struttin' their stuff!!!

Chelsea and Morgan don't have babies :) SO we lend them ours when they come over :) hehehe

Stayin ALIVE!!!!

Here's a short video of Camber and Katelin and Wyatt dancing away!!!

And of course here's a video of MATT AND JOSH dancing!!! This was from one of the first nights we got the game!!! Hilarious!!! BUT they have some moves :)

Random pictures :)

Here's a couple more random pics :) Since it's been SOOO long since I updated the blog!!
Grayson's hair was getting sooo long... we cut it a couple weekends ago :)

Aunt Katelin and my youngest nephew KADEN!!! He's so cute!

Grown up so fast!

Here are a few random pics of Grayson!!! He's getting so big!!! Saying so many words and showing us his lovable personality!!!

Trying to take pictures of Grayson is getting harder and harder.... he always wants the camera or he moves as soon as I take the pictures!

Still too cute!!!!

Katelin's Engaged!!!!

This Christmas Charlie proposed to Katelin!!! We are so excited for them and SOOO excited to plan the last Robinson wedding!!! The big day is Mat 21, 2011 the location Air Force Chapel!
It's going to be amazing!!! And Katelin - my little bitty baby sister - is going to look spectacular and all grown up!!!!

First thing on the list... DRESS SHOPPING!!!

FOr the past month we have gone several places to go dress shopping with Katelin! This is so much fun becuase the dress sets the tone for the rest of the wedding!!! In Jan. we took at group of 8!!! to see Katelin step into her first wedding dress :) We didn't find the dress that trip but several trips later she found the ONE!! She looks gorgeous!!! Here are some pictures from the first day wedding dress shopping!

Kari and Avery came along!!!!

Picture of the whole group seeing Katelin for the first time!

The first of many to try on....

So many to choose from...


Happy Mother of the Bride!!!

The whole Gang!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I Love you sooo much!!! I love playing with you and miss you during the day but know that your working hard! When Mommy pulls into the driveway I always yell soo loud...DADDY DADDY DADDY!!!! I know that you will be home soon to play with me and give me a big hug!!!
Your the best daddy I could ask for! I love you! "Thank You"!
Love - Grayson ( with mommy's help)

Happy Birthday Matthew!!!
You are such an amazing husband and father!!! So caring and loveing to both Grayson and me!!! We love you so much and hope that you have a great 28th birthday! I thank God for giving me such a fun, handsome, caring man! I'm proud that you are mine!!!

You have been working so hard at your new job at Compassion and I thank you for that!!! I love hearing you come home and tell me about your day and let me see your new found passion for children in poverty!!!

Your amazing!!!! I love you so much!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

*** BY the way... I need more recent pics of your and lil G!