Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I Love you sooo much!!! I love playing with you and miss you during the day but know that your working hard! When Mommy pulls into the driveway I always yell soo loud...DADDY DADDY DADDY!!!! I know that you will be home soon to play with me and give me a big hug!!!
Your the best daddy I could ask for! I love you! "Thank You"!
Love - Grayson ( with mommy's help)

Happy Birthday Matthew!!!
You are such an amazing husband and father!!! So caring and loveing to both Grayson and me!!! We love you so much and hope that you have a great 28th birthday! I thank God for giving me such a fun, handsome, caring man! I'm proud that you are mine!!!

You have been working so hard at your new job at Compassion and I thank you for that!!! I love hearing you come home and tell me about your day and let me see your new found passion for children in poverty!!!

Your amazing!!!! I love you so much!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

*** BY the way... I need more recent pics of your and lil G!

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