Monday, February 22, 2010

Girls Night / Just Dance!!!

The other weekend we had Girls Night/Guys Night! The boys were at our time watching UFC and eating wings... the respective wives and financees were at Kari's playing JUST DANCE!! It's a Wii game where you mimick a dancer to get points! It's alot of fun and silliness! It was great to hang out with Morgan and Chelsea!!! Morgan and Chelsea getting their GROOVE ON!!
Camber, Katelin, and WYATT! Struttin' their stuff!!!

Chelsea and Morgan don't have babies :) SO we lend them ours when they come over :) hehehe

Stayin ALIVE!!!!

Here's a short video of Camber and Katelin and Wyatt dancing away!!!

And of course here's a video of MATT AND JOSH dancing!!! This was from one of the first nights we got the game!!! Hilarious!!! BUT they have some moves :)

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Chels said...

LOVE the post, Kristen!! Makes me laugh just looking at all the silly pictures, and I got a real kick out of Matt & Josh gettin groovy to MC Hammer! :oD Hope to see you soon! :oD