Saturday, April 24, 2010

Having fun!

Here are some pics of G having fun in the back yard!!! Playing in the sand!
Playing on his swingset Grandma and PawPaw got him!!


Grayson new trike!! I love Craigslist!!!

Grayson got a haircut!

So we have tried to cut Grayson's hair on our own... but he HATES it! So we thought hey lets go to those overpriced kids cutting places with the cool cars and see if that works!!! NOPE!!! Still hates it!!! These are the AFTER pics :) Grayson with Avery!
Daddy and Grayson with Matching Hair Cuts!!

BEFORE PIC : Not sure whats in store for him! Look at all that hair!!!

Here are some videos of the torture!!! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Andrea's B-day

This post is long over due... But last month was Andrea's birthday! We all went out to celebrate after having dinner at her parents house! We went down town and went country western dancing!! Kyle taught me how to 2 step!!! We had a lot of fun! Happy Birthday Andrea!

Kyle and Andrea are great dancers!!! They have alot of fun too!

Boys went Jeepin'

Papi and Gigi got the boys a powerwheels jeep long before they were born :) Now they are finally getting a little bit old enough to play on it...Kaleb and Grayson jumped into the Jeep! This was Grayson's first time to get in it... we buckled him up... BUT he didn't realize that the thing actually goes!!!! Here's a short video showing you the result!

WOAH!!!!!! That was intense!! Maybe we need to wait until they are a little older! :)

Help Me!

Gigi has her hands full!!! I'm soooo blessed to have a job where 1 - I work with my family 2- I like what I do 3 - its flexible with my freelance projects and MOSTLY I get to bring my little man to work with me everyday! But I'm really blessed to have an amazing MOM who offers to watch him for me!!! Grayson loves his Gigi and Loves his cousins too! Occasionally, Gigi has to watch all 3 on her own! She loves her boys and they love her!!
Thank you Mom for being so willing and helpful!! I'm blessed and so thankful for you and all your help!!!! LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010!

Here is our only family picture from Easter!!! Grayson was not too happy!! I didn't have my camera so we borrowed Katelin and had her take some pics... of course G was extremely tired and NOT in the mood at all!... He did look stinkin cute in his purple shirt and tie!!!
Me and Matt!

Me and Katelin ( my mew roomie ) Yep Katelin is a basement dweller :) I'm so excited she will be living with us for a year until she get smarried!!! I love her so much and excited to have some help around the house ;) and spend some quality time with her!!!

Avery and Grayson!!!! They matched for Easter of course!!!

Katelin and Dad!

Mom and Katelin!

Kyle set up the bounce house for the "kids" the adults had more fun in it than the kids :) Kari flying through the air!!!

Strike a pose!!! Katelin and Sara

The little kids had an easter egg hunt up in th front yard!!! Grayson did pretty good finding eggs!!!

THEN the "ADULTS" had their egg hunt in the back... one lucky person found the egg with $20 bill inside!!!! Kari of course found it!! I think she has a built in radar for that egg :) I'm pretty sure she gets it every year!

Matt looking for the golden egg!

Katelin and Kari diving for an egg!!!

Everyone looking for eggs!!!

Camber and Marie!!!

Me and Kari!!!