Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grayson tries out his "big boy" car seat!

Grayson has been in his infant carrier, well ever since we brought him home from the hospital :) Recently since he has learned to sit up on his own he tries to sit up in his infant we thought we would try out his big boy carseat and see how he does... I think he really likes it... he likes to sit upright! Only problem.... when he falls asleep his little head falls forward and it doesn't look comfortable at all!

Buckle me up Daddy!!!

Putting him in the carseat!

PJ time!!!

Here's some cute pics of Grayson in his PJs... they look like "old man" jammies!! I love them!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Gigi made it!

I got a short email from Gigi (my mom). She has made it to France safely and is tired! :) God is good keeping her safe with all day of traveling!
Keep up with her adventures at

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grayson's Band!

Our friend Crystal who goes to school with Matt got Grayson a toy!! Its this adorable drum that came with all of these musical instruments inside... like bells, and a tamborine, and drum sticks!
Grayson loves it!!! he likes making music!

THANKS Crystal for this great toy!!! Grayson LOVES IT!

Grayson in his Johnny jump-up!

Grayson got a johnny jump up from our friends.. Bonnie and Fawn at our shower in Houston... here are some pics and video of his first time jumping in it!!!

More pics from Houston

Here are some more fun pics from Houston....

Look you can see his two bottom teeth!!!

I love those blue eyes!!! He looks like a little boy more and more each day!

Playing with Kaylee! Kaylee is my best friend from houston, jamie's little girl!

Sitting in Kaylee's chair! He loved it... that means i will prob run out and buy him one!!! :)

Cute Kaylee!!!

Grayson with Aunt Brandy, Mawmaw, and Daddy!

Gigi is on her way!!!!

This morning Grayson and I dropped off Gigi at the airport and she is on her way FRANCE!!! I can't believe she's gone for 2 months but I'm so excited she's living her live long dream of living in France (not just visiting). Thank goodness for modern technology! we will be able to skpe her and talk on the phone and email! It's going to be an adjustment without her here and man-ing the business and being a mom but it will all work out! I'm excited that my dad gets to live the dream with her and see this part of her history and family that I have had the pleasure of seeing when we went to France in highschool and college.

Have a blast GIGI! We will be fine without you, although we will miss you!!! It will be hard not being able to call you whenever i want but i guess I will live! Eat lots of yummy croissants and french pastries for me!!! LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Softball game

We went to Matt and Jess' softball game in Houston too! Here's Jess' mom Lynne and Lyla (Jess' little girl) and Grayson!!!
Daddy and his boy watching the game!

Go TEAM Louetta Road!

Lyla is sooo adorable!

Here's a video of Grayson at the game... he started this new thing where he says.. "Ouch" kinda... its funny becuase he attacked the end of the "word" SO cute!!


We surprised Matt's parents in Houston this past weekend! The pics are Grayson at build-a-bear building a bunny for Grayson! And the video below is the reaction to MawMaw and PawPaw realizing we were in town. They knew that Wes and Brandy and the kids were in town so they were saying hi to them when we walked out of the back room to say hello!

Grayson's First Airplane Ride

Grayson took his first plane ride to Houston this weekend... we surprised Matt's parents and came down to try to see as many people as possible.

Grayson did great on the plane... as great as a 6 month old can be expected to do :) Snuggled in Daddy's arms... his favorite place to be
Sweet boy finally fell asleep in Daddy's arms!

Trying to sleep on the seat between us... those engines are loud!

Looking out the window!

Daddy sharing his ipod with Grayson!

ipod baby!!! great inflight entertainment... don't worry we weren't playing music :) just having a photo shoot!

In flight snack!!! (great toy)

sitting in his own seat!

Compassion Legacy Series

I have been contracted by Compassion International to do a video series for their chapels... Living the Legacy stories by Wess Stafford. I have done two so far of the 12 in the series and they posted the first video on their blog. Below is the link to their blog with the video... this first video tells the story of how Compassion started!

Actually, the video was on Youtube... so you can watch it below as well!

I have really enjoyed doing these videos and I have really been able to learm more and more about this ministry!

We sponsor a little girl from Indonesia, Regina, and love being able to pray for her and write her letters and get letters from her! She loves hearing about Grayson and Penni!

I would encourage everyone to sponsor a child and make a difference in a child's life by realeasing them from poverty and teaching them that they are wonderfully made by their heavenly father!

Below you can click search to see children around the world that still need a sponsor or go to

Sponsor a child in Jesus' name.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lil' G in his cool new sun glasses!!!

Here's Grayson... affectionally nicknamed Lil' G by Papi :) Yeah we are have funny names :) in his cool new sunglasses!!!
He's such a happy baby!!! I'm sooo blessed!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Matt got a JOB!!!

I'm not sure if everyone knew Matt's job situation but he was laid-off due to downsizing 6 weeks after Grayson was born. It was hard to adjust to and finding a job in this economy right before the holidays and a new president has been a battle!! BUT PRAISE GOD... Matt was offered a job!

One of Kari's girls on her basketball teams father works for Synthes in Monument, CO... just down the road from Palmer Lake where my parents live and we work. (so we can car pool!) and he told us that Synthes is always looking for good people, but they usually hire with Temp Agencies and then hire on permanently if its a right fit.

SO Matt applied and he was offered a temp position starting next week!
Synthes is a manufacturing company of screws, plates, etc. for medical surgeries and procedures... at least that's about all I know.

Matt will be working in the inbound call center to process orders and help clients/doctors/hospitals... that's our understanding at least :)

I'm thankful that God has blessed us with a job! please pray that Matt enjoys it and if he does that it would become a full time gig :)

The guy who gave us the lead has been working there for over 13 years and has great things to say about the company... as well as others we have been talking to.

SO Praise God for his faithfulness!! God is good all the time! All the time God is GOOD!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grayson is 6 months old!!!

I know BABY!!! It's not fair your growing up too fast!!! Don't cry!! 

YES it's crazy... Grayson is officially 6 months old today!!! Ok he's not necessarily crying over it... but Mommy is! I can't believe that 6 months have already gone by. It's going too fast! Even though Daddy wants him to hurry up so they can play ball... mommy wants Grayson to SLOW DOWN! I love that Grayson still cuddles, loves to be held in the "newborn" hold and loves to sleep anywhere! 

Ok... I'm done being sad and sappy over my little guy! I'm so excited and loving watching Grayson learn and do new things every day! He's now sitting up on his own for the most part! Recognizing familiar faces, rolling over, laughing more! and of course making everyone's day a little brighter with his big smiles!!! He is sooo much fun at this age!!!

Here are some more pics from his little photo shoot! They are the raw photos so the cropping and stuff is a little off but I wanted to show them off!

Sweet blue eyes!!! 
My Happy Boy!
So serious!! SO CUTE!