Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grayson is 6 months old!!!

I know BABY!!! It's not fair your growing up too fast!!! Don't cry!! 

YES it's crazy... Grayson is officially 6 months old today!!! Ok he's not necessarily crying over it... but Mommy is! I can't believe that 6 months have already gone by. It's going too fast! Even though Daddy wants him to hurry up so they can play ball... mommy wants Grayson to SLOW DOWN! I love that Grayson still cuddles, loves to be held in the "newborn" hold and loves to sleep anywhere! 

Ok... I'm done being sad and sappy over my little guy! I'm so excited and loving watching Grayson learn and do new things every day! He's now sitting up on his own for the most part! Recognizing familiar faces, rolling over, laughing more! and of course making everyone's day a little brighter with his big smiles!!! He is sooo much fun at this age!!!

Here are some more pics from his little photo shoot! They are the raw photos so the cropping and stuff is a little off but I wanted to show them off!

Sweet blue eyes!!! 
My Happy Boy!
So serious!! SO CUTE!

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