Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gigi is on her way!!!!

This morning Grayson and I dropped off Gigi at the airport and she is on her way FRANCE!!! I can't believe she's gone for 2 months but I'm so excited she's living her live long dream of living in France (not just visiting). Thank goodness for modern technology! we will be able to skpe her and talk on the phone and email! It's going to be an adjustment without her here and man-ing the business and being a mom but it will all work out! I'm excited that my dad gets to live the dream with her and see this part of her history and family that I have had the pleasure of seeing when we went to France in highschool and college.

Have a blast GIGI! We will be fine without you, although we will miss you!!! It will be hard not being able to call you whenever i want but i guess I will live! Eat lots of yummy croissants and french pastries for me!!! LOVE YOU!

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Molly Ann said...

How you say...bathroom? :)