Friday, October 7, 2011

Diaper Shower

My Wonderful Sister-in-law Andrea threw me a diaper shower to help me prepare for Jackson's arrival!! She did such a great job!! Thank you Andrea and Thank You Mom for helping too!!!

Cute Diaper Cake 

Andrea did a great job on all of the details!!!

This is a game where people are guessing when Jackson will arrive - the winner will be announced once we know!

Everyone wrote a Blessing over Baby!! I loved them!!

Our baby bumps!

Three pregos!!! Lisa, Me, Cassie
All expecting boys! 

Kaleb's Soccer Game!

 Kaleb is in soccer this year! It's been fun going to watch him at his games and practices! This was his first game and he scored 3 goals!! oh and one for the other team! :) It's so much fun seeing these 4 year-olds play! Kaleb is super good and I'm totally impressed with his athletic ability on the soccer field!

GOAL!!!!! By Kaleb!

Grayson and Kaden wanted to play too!!!! Maybe next year!!!

Good Kick G!

Kaleb even shared his cookies with his cousin!!! They love each other!!


Pictures from Grayson's FIRST Air Force Game!
At the football game with UNCLE CHARLIE!!! Of course he wasn't an official Uncle yet ;) but has always been part of our family!

Compassion International (Matt's Department) had a family day at the Air Force football game! So we brought Grayson to his 2nd football game ever!! 
Of Course Grayson had to bounce on the bounce house!!!

Matt, Tom K, and Papi 

Me & Jackson and Matt :) 

Oh I love these BOYS!!!

Getting a little tired and HOT!!!

Watching the flyover and parachuters!


YES I KNOW! I have been horrible about updating the blog so I am going to try to get caught up!! Here are some pics from our summer!! :

Showing off his muscles!!!!

Love this little man!!!

Helping Daddy!!

Love my MOOLI!!!!

At the Fourth of July Parade!!!

hugging his BFF Wyatt!!

It was HOT!!!

with Gigi and Papi :)

Mooli, Gigi, and Papi

Love those Muscles!!!

At Grayson's 3rd birthday party!!! I didn't take many pics - I need to get more from Andrea :)


The Girls!!!

The ONE AND ONLY Family Birthday picture!