Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Christmas Card!!

I know this post is a little late but I wanted to post our Christmas card pictures! I mostly emailed out the christmas card to people but in case I didn't have your email.... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Thanks Tim and Image Factory Photo again!!! www.imagefactoryphoto.com

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas lights!!!

Tonight Mawmaw and Pawpaw showed Grayson all their christmas lights outside!!
Sitting with PawPaw in his rocking chair!
Such pretty Christmas lights!!! Grayson likes the manager scene... its his size :)

Grayson meets his BFF :)

We are in Houston for Christmas!

Today we got to hang out with Judith and Sam!! :) They are our friends that used to live in Hawaii for 4 years and now they are back in Houston!!! Grayson and Jase got to meet for the first time!! We had a great time at the mall!

Savannah and Scarlett rode the carousel while Grayson and Jase watched in awe! :)

BFF's reunited!!! and it feels so good :) hahaha
Little Man Jase!
Hello little man!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas card pics

Today we went and got our Christmas picture at CSCS marketplace where TIM our FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER :) took pics for our christmas card!!!!


Here's his "favorite pic from marketplace photo winner" and MY FAVORITE TOO!!

more thanksgiving pics....

I snagged some more pics from Andrea and my parents blog :) Here are more fun pics of Thanksgiving!!!
The whole "Robinson" Family!!!!
LIttle man!!
I love my cousins!!!
Grayson and Kaleb playing!!!

Gigi with 2 of 3 of her boys :) Little G was NOT feeling good!
Katelin and Charlie!!!
Aunt Katelin with Kaden!!
Ready for Thanksgiving dinner!!! Such a pretty table setting!
Little booger eating some oranges.... still not 100%
Lil G , K Dawg, and Big Daddy K!!!
Gigi has her hands full!!
Gigi and Papi with the grandboys!!! I love this picture!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pictures from today :)

So since all of my last posts were from a million years ago :) I thought I would give you some pics of Grayson that were taken TODAY!!! I love all of his cute faces!!!

Here's a short video I took with my phone of Grayson saying "Na-na" for Banana!!! TOO CUTE

Putting up the Christmas tree!!!

We put up our Christmas Tree!!!! Here are some pictures!!!!

My Sweet Angel!

The finished tree!!!

Looking at the ornaments!

Finding a "ball" in the bin!

Helping Daddy!


Thanksgiving "weak"

This thanksgiving I didn't get many pictures at all :( Grayson was sick all week with a mild ear infection and fever all week long :( Thankfully he's better and feeling great now!
Shoving his face with a Cracker!!!
Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Eddie came in for Thanksgiving!

POOR BABY!!! He was sick ON Thanksgiving... here he was chillin on his chair watching the Thanksgiving Day parade... he looks so pitiful!


Nov. 5th we took an ICI team building evening to go see So YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Season 5 tour!!!! My parents and Matt and I LOVE SYTYCD!!!! We have watched last season and this seaon the whole way through! Its funny after you watch a season- you think you know these people :) so it was fun to see the top 10 perform live!!! It's amazing what they can do with their bodies!!! Here are a few pics from the evening... it was dark and we weren't that close so the pic are ok...THANKS BOSS for a great evening out!!! ICI tradition started!!!

Kayla and Kupono doing Matt and My favorite dance "addiction" yep I cried in person just like seeing it on tv :)

Sara and Katelin

Our bad attempt to get the whole gang in the pic!

Another favorite!!! Brandon and Jeanette's disco dance!!!!