Monday, June 29, 2009

Time with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa!

Great Grandma and Grandpa took us to the airport so we got a little bit of time with them before we left! Grayson fell asleep and got to cuddle with Great Grandma!

Daddy was tickling Grayson!!! I love his laugh!!!

Kyle, Katelin, and I all got pony rides on Grandpa growing up!!! Now it's Grayson's turn!!! I love this pic... i need to go back and get pics of me on his back when I was his age!!!

This is a rocking horse that my granparents had since 1955 for my uncle eddie and dad... Grayson got to take his turn!!! He thought it was great!!

He is such a poser!!!!

Look at the smile!!! SO CUTE!!!

First time to the Beach!!!!

We took Grayson to the beach... I think we need to wait a little longer before he's ready! He like the sand but didn't realize that he couldn't EAT the sand or rub his eyes with a fistful of Sand!!!
Here are some pics - they are foggy from all the humidity!! Now my camera is acting up!!!
I'm glad we caught some cute pics though to document the occasion!


Grayson fell asleep on my chest!!! Perfect day to take a nap by the beach with my little man!!!

Palying with Mally in the sand!!!

Our sweet family!!!

See Daddy and Grayson have coordinating swimsuits!!! LOVE IT!

Yeah for the beach!!!

Wave HI! Grayson was sooo tired!!! But a trooper all weekend!!!

James and Nikki's reception

Our new brother-in-law!!! Officially Uncle James!!!
The newlyweds with lil G .... it was way past his bedtime!!!

Me with the beauiful bride!!

Brother and Sister!!!

Party Pooper!!! Little man!

James' grooms cake - it was cheese cake

Close up of the wedding cake

Selah!!! Beautiful flower girl!!!

Wedding cake!!! YUMMY

Beautiful flowers!

Nikki and James get married!!!

Daddy and Grayson at the wedding ceremony.
Beautiful ceremony!


Yes it was HOT but beautiful and worth it!

The bride before the wedding!!! SO Pretty!!!

Playing in the Hotel!!!

Grayson LOVED playing in the bathroom of the hotel!! There was a big huge mirror that Grayson loved to play with... he loves looking at his reflection!
Here's a glimpse of what it would have been like if we had twin boys!!! :) I love my ONE though!!!

Hello little man!!!

Grayson had a peach puff stuck in his nose!!! SO CUTE!

Silly boy !


Grayson got in the pool for the first time!! He wasnt so sure at first but he got used to it and now loves it!!!! Here are some pics!!!
Daddy and Grayson!!

Not so sure... but getting used to it.

PawPaw and Grayson ready to go swimming!!!

My little mini-Matt!!!! I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!!

Galveston Trip - MEETING MALACHI!!!!

We arrived in Galveston and it was HOT!!!! Grayson didn't know what to think! Here is a pic with MawMaw and Daddy!
DADDY AND GRAYSON!!! - I love his little smile!!! Daddy's looking pretty good too!

Matt with Malachi!

Uncle Wes and Grayson!

Me and Malachi!!! He's sooo cute!!!

The Butler Boys - Malachi, Grayson and Josiah

Selah saying HI to Grayson by pinching his cheeksc :)

Daddy's with their babies!!!