Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grayson is 10 months old!

My baby is creeping on a year!!! Monday he turned 10 months old :) He's getting so big!
Grayson is doing so good feeding himself snacks! He just figured out how to get from the grip of his hand into his mouth! SOO CUTE!
Yes - even at 10 months old he's all about his newborn pacificer!!! :) Pretty soon we will start to wean him of it... he really doesn't even "Ask" for it so I think its more weaning mommy and daddy!

These pictures I took the other day when Grayson was exhausted!!! He's so sweet! He was ready for bed! I love him so much!

He just started sitting with his head between his hands!! SO cute.. I was surprised he stayed that way long enough for me to snap some pictures... you can tell he was tired.

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