Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Meet the new BUTLER family of FIVE!!!! I love this pic ( i stole it from their blog! )

Wes and Brandy are back from Ethiopia and now are officially a family of five in ONE place... techincally they have been a family of five since they got their referral but had to be apart for a few months (not long at all in the whole adoption process!)
Below are some pics from their trip and the picture above is i'm assuming their first family pic with Malachi!!

Mommy and Son

Malachi looks like such a happy baby!!!

Smiley boy!!!

Here is a video that Wes took of Josiah and Selah meeting Malachi... they had a whole group of people waiting for them to come off the plane.. Mawmaw and Pawpaw were their too!!! I wish we could have been there for that moment!!! The video isn't the greatest because Wes said he was sleep-deprived and kids everywhere but I love it!!! Its so great!!!

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