Friday, June 5, 2009


This is a picture that my friend Erinn took while they were in town!!! I think Grayson looks so much like Matt!! (in his little muscle tee) We went to play Frisbee Golf (well I pushed G around in the stroller with my eyes peeled to oncoming frisbees) We lasted 9 holes and then the girls went and got icecream as it started raining :)

Look you can see his 3 teeth on the bottom!!! He's got three teeth up top too!!!

I love my smiley boy... the whole family was sick this last week and Grayson and I are still not over it yet... we both went to Urgent care and I'm on antibotics but there isn't much to give lil G for his congestion.

Even sick Grayson is such a joy!!!

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