Monday, June 8, 2009

Yeah for Summer!

Matt and I got Grayson a little pool this weekend !!! it was finally a great gorgeous day and We thought it would be fun to spoil lil G a bit and get him a little pool for the backyard this summer :) Matt wanted to get the huge above ground pools for us! :)
When we tried to put Grayson in the pool he was already cranky and tired and hungry so he wasn't too happy and didn't feel like playing... here are a few pics I'm hoping that we have more great weather so we can get him in on a good day!

Not too sure about this!

Aww.... baby was tired!

Daddy what is this that I'm in???

Mommy and Grayson had a little photo shoot!!!

I love that smile!!!!


What a hunk in his USA swimsuit!!!!

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