Friday, August 21, 2009

Grayson's Birthday Party!!!

August 15th my baby turned one!!! I still can't believe it! We threw a carnival themed party and celebrated his first year and our surviving it!

We had a great day!!! It was great weather (only a little rain which made us move inside to do presents) and Grayson had so much fun!!!

Here are some pictures from the day :

My new favorite picture!!!
Grayson eating his birthday cupcake!!

My sweet boy!

Mommy and Grayson sharing a sno-cone!!!

Our family picture!!!!

What a beautiful day!!!

Gigi and "Grandma Deb" cheering Grayson on to eat his cupcake!!

Here a cute pic of the table and chair set Papi and Gigi got Grayson...

I love this pic!! You see both proud Grandpas taking pics and video of us singing to Grayson!!!

Beautiful Palmer Lake!!!

Grayson's cake that Mawmaw and Pawpaw got him!!! I made the "popcorn" cupcakes!!!

Papi grilling some yummy hotdogs and hamburgers!!!

YUMMY !! I love birthdays!!

Opening Gifts!!!

Having sooo much fun!!!


Grayson and his friend Eden sharing the great chair Mawmaw and Pawpaw got Grayson for his birthday... HE LOVES THE CHAIR!!!!

** My camera memory stick broke so i didn't personally take these pics... they are compliments of Sara, Dad, and Tim from Image Factory photo!
As I get more pics from MAtt's parents and my sister I will post them!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grayson starts climbing :)

Grayson learned a new trick... climbing on mawmaw's chest and looking out the window! Here are some pics of him being sooo cute! and the video shows you his new trick!!!

Berto and Jordan are married!!!

So we went down to Houston becuase our good friends Berto and Jordan got married!!! Matt was in the wedding and we got to spend time with Molly and Jeremy!!! It was a great wedding and we had sooo much fun!!! Newlyweds!
Molly and Jeremy! Matt and I were in BRH with Molly!!

Night out without Grayson! :) Thanks Mawmaw and Pawpaw for babysitting! Don't worry we showed off our little man at the rehearsal dinner!

Matt and Berto were college roommates!!!

Grayson meets Emma!

My oldest friend Jennifer had a baby 6 months ago and we haven't been able to meet easch others babies :) It was so great to visit with Jennifer and Chris for a little bit! Emma is adorable and Grayson thought she was great!

Look at that sweet baby girl!!!
"You've got a nose... just like me! "

Hello How you doin???

Sweet girl! Emma is so cute!

Matt's baby pictures :)

While we were in Houston Matt's mom showed me pics of matt as a baby!! I took pics of the pictures!!! He was soo cute!!! At around 4 years old :)
Little man... Matt was so cute !!

This is a newborn pic!!! Yes he was 10 lbs!!! BIG BOY!!! Thank goodness Grayson was only 6.6 lbs!!!

His hospital picture!

Many faces of Grayson!!!

Turning 27!

July 28 I turned 27! Crazy I know :) It was a good birthday... we went to Outback with a bunch of friends and family and then came back to the house for cake :) Matt got me some dvds and let Grayson pick out my gift out of the dollar bin- I got multi-colored paper clips and spools of ribbon! SO Cute!
This picture is funny becuase it was right after I blew out the candles :) I look funny :)
My yummy icecream cake from Baskin Robbins!

The girls doing their nails at the birthday party :)

The newest addition to the Robinson Family!!!

Introducing our newest nephew... Kaden Michael Robinson!
Andrea had Kaden last week and here are some pics that she has been sending us! Kyle was able to be at his birth (he just barely missed Kaleb's) and the family is doing great!!!
We can't wait to meet little Kaden hopefully soon!! He's so cute!!!