Friday, August 21, 2009

Grayson's Birthday Party!!!

August 15th my baby turned one!!! I still can't believe it! We threw a carnival themed party and celebrated his first year and our surviving it!

We had a great day!!! It was great weather (only a little rain which made us move inside to do presents) and Grayson had so much fun!!!

Here are some pictures from the day :

My new favorite picture!!!
Grayson eating his birthday cupcake!!

My sweet boy!

Mommy and Grayson sharing a sno-cone!!!

Our family picture!!!!

What a beautiful day!!!

Gigi and "Grandma Deb" cheering Grayson on to eat his cupcake!!

Here a cute pic of the table and chair set Papi and Gigi got Grayson...

I love this pic!! You see both proud Grandpas taking pics and video of us singing to Grayson!!!

Beautiful Palmer Lake!!!

Grayson's cake that Mawmaw and Pawpaw got him!!! I made the "popcorn" cupcakes!!!

Papi grilling some yummy hotdogs and hamburgers!!!

YUMMY !! I love birthdays!!

Opening Gifts!!!

Having sooo much fun!!!


Grayson and his friend Eden sharing the great chair Mawmaw and Pawpaw got Grayson for his birthday... HE LOVES THE CHAIR!!!!

** My camera memory stick broke so i didn't personally take these pics... they are compliments of Sara, Dad, and Tim from Image Factory photo!
As I get more pics from MAtt's parents and my sister I will post them!!!

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