Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Photo Shoot :)

The leaves are falling from our tree in the front yard and we took the opportunity to take some pictures!!! This little boy was too busy playing to smile or even look at me :) but I think there are some cute ones :)

This one is my favorite!!!

Trunk or Treat - FOC Fall Festival

Last weekend was the Family of Chirst Fall Festival... we do the Trunk of Treat every year :) Trunk or Treat is where we decorate our trunks and have the kids go trick or treating from trunk to trunk :) This year there were judges and prizes for Best Overall and Best Biblical theme.
Our Theme: Grayson's Anatomy - My God is the Ultimate Healer! Here are some pics from the night... Grayson of course got really sick that night and couldn't enjoy the fall festival and we pretty much cut out as soon as the judging was done...BUT we ended up winning... BEST OVERALL!!!!!
We had the game operation on the "operating table"
Camber, Jeff, and Wyatt were Daniel and the Lions den!

Josh and Kari were Adam and Eve and Avery was the apple!! There car had a banner that read... "Who could resist an apple like this?" SOO cute... they won best biblical!


Sara came and helped man the trunk :)

Wyatt in his adorable lions outfit!

MY MCDREAMYS!!!! Of course you can see that G is not feeling well!!!

My little doctor!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kaleb's 2nd Birthday!!

Saturday Kaleb had his 2nd birthday party!! It was a Thomas the Train party! Of course Grayson was starting to get sick and had a rough night the nigh before so he didn't have AS Much fun as he could have but it was still fun to "Force it" and hang out with family and friends! My brother flew in from Oklahoma so almost everyone was there...Katelin was in Mississippi. Here's little Avery with her cute bow!!!

Birthday boy playing on his new train!!!

Keithley Family! Andrea got all the kids a train conductors hat and bandanas... Avery was modeling the hat!

Grayson crawling through the tunnels!

Kaleb playing peek-a-boo behind the trees!

Kaleb trying to feed Grayson grass :)

Cute Cousins!!!

Heres a video of the boys playing... one day Grayson will tackle back... Lord help us :)

Here's a video of kaleb showing off his mad dancing skills!

Meeting our Newest Family member!!!

Andrea and the boys came down for the last week to show off the newest addition to the family!!! Our newest Nephew - Kaden! That brings us to 4 nephews and 1 neice!!! Here are pics fo Grayson and Kaleb playing... now that G can walk its fun to see them interact and a pic of Kaden! We had some cookies so Kaleb had chocolate all over his face :)
Playing with toys!

Introducing KADEN MICHEAL!!!
He's soo cute!!

Heres a video of Kaleb giving Grayson a hug for a cookie :)


The other weekend it was freezing!! and the we took the boys to chuck-e-cheese... to let them get out of the house a little bit!!! Here are some pics... Grayson was eating hsi prize!!
Ummm.... I'm not so sure about this mouse!

BFFs and Babies!!!

Mommy and Grayson!!!

The boys playing DDR!!!

Grayson loved riding in this truck!!!

Jeff and Matt with their boys!!!

Wearing my cute hat for 2 seconds!!!

Kari and Avery!

here are some videos of the boys playing!!!

House Painted!!!

Here are some pictures of our house before and after it got painted!!! we have been wanted to get it painted since we moved in and thankfully we were able to claim it on oru insurance after we had hail damage to siding and roof! We got our own home makeover!! New roof and New paint!!!
So the pictures aren't in order but you will see our AMAZING tree in the front yard with gorgoeus red leaves!!! I was so excited they didn't fall off after the freeze! and then you will see the before and after pic of the house!



Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Catch up" post :)

OK OK I know!! It's been forever since I posted pretty regularly so I will try my best to keep the cuteness coming!!! :) My Aunt Carolyn gets on to me if I go MIA on my blog :) Which is encouraging to know that people actually look at this thing :)

I wil be honest and say these last 2 months have been pretty hard for us... Grayson has been "sick" showing asthma like symptoms for the last 2 months and we are constantly giving him breathing treatments and he's been on and off steriods to help him through the rough patches (like when we get cold fronts), I've been soo blessed to have several Compassion jobs to work on but its keeping me busy :) So It's OCT 1st!!! and I'm praying that we have a better month health wise for Grayson!!! Today he has been feeling better so thats a good sign!!!

So Here's a bunch of random pics from the past month... Grayson is officially walking!! He prob chooses the walk 80% of the time now and ALWAYS has his hands sticking straight up for balance! Its too stinkin' cute!!! I say he looks like E.T. with his hands straight up!

See I told you... hand's straight up!!

We went to the car show last weekend and Grayson picked this nice yellow convertible for his first car!! Keep dreaming!! :)
Say Hello Daddy!!! Grayson wanted to walk instead of being in his stroller!!!
Before the car show the boys took a nap :) I love these pictures... they were too cute snoring at the same time :)

Grayson is wearing his spider-man slippers that his cousin Josiah got him when Grayson was just born... now they fit!!!
Here's Kari and her new baby, Avery... She's so precious and will make a beautiful wife for Grayson :) hehehe
Pucker Up baby!!! Mommy wants a kiss!!!
Our picnic at the park!! It was a gorgeous day!! I wish I could have stayed out there under the trees and napped all day! :) Grayson loves being outside!!! He was playing ball with Daddy!!
What do you want me to do with this???
In Daddy's shoes!!!
Hello little man!!!
Here's Jeff and Camber! We celebrated Camber's birthday a few weeks ago! Its so fun now that they are living here!! Grayson and Wyatt have a blast playing together too!!

Hello Avery!!!
We got Grayson a basketball hoop!! Here's a little video that shows Daddy showing Grayson how to shoot a basket!!!
Grayson was walking around outside today! He loves being in the rocks!!
Here's a video I took with my phone so the quality is not as great.. but Grayson tries to go up the stairs already!!!
Lastly, here's one of the first videos I took of lil G walking with his hands straight up!!! Its so cute.. you see Wyatt too!

I think that's it for now!!!