Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trunk or Treat - FOC Fall Festival

Last weekend was the Family of Chirst Fall Festival... we do the Trunk of Treat every year :) Trunk or Treat is where we decorate our trunks and have the kids go trick or treating from trunk to trunk :) This year there were judges and prizes for Best Overall and Best Biblical theme.
Our Theme: Grayson's Anatomy - My God is the Ultimate Healer! Here are some pics from the night... Grayson of course got really sick that night and couldn't enjoy the fall festival and we pretty much cut out as soon as the judging was done...BUT we ended up winning... BEST OVERALL!!!!!
We had the game operation on the "operating table"
Camber, Jeff, and Wyatt were Daniel and the Lions den!

Josh and Kari were Adam and Eve and Avery was the apple!! There car had a banner that read... "Who could resist an apple like this?" SOO cute... they won best biblical!


Sara came and helped man the trunk :)

Wyatt in his adorable lions outfit!

MY MCDREAMYS!!!! Of course you can see that G is not feeling well!!!

My little doctor!!

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