Saturday, June 26, 2010

Matt's Mission trip with the youth group!

Matt went with the Youth Group on a Mission trip to Ashland, Montana... it was a week long mission trip that focused on helping people on an indian reservation by doing work projects on their homes. Here are a few pictures of his trip! Matt driving a VAN FULL OF TEENAGE GIRLS! now thats a mission trip! 9 hour drive!!! Matt admitted that he dislikes mini-vans a little smidgen less after 18 hours in it!

The mission trip was coordinated through Group workscamps - youth from all demoniations come together to help those in need.

400 youth were at this camp this week... here's a pic of some opening programs!

The local native-amercians did a cultural show for the kids one day.

One of the houses Matt and his crew worked on!

Josh playing ultimate frisbee!!! Nice catch!

Matt and his crew with a local girl they helped!

Matt workcrew!

Matt says that were an awesome crew!!! completing 4 worksites in 5 days! He was very proud to be their leader and enjoyed creating friendships with his crew!

While Matt was working his butt off :) I was a single mom for the week! Grayson was great! he missed his daddy very much but he was a good boy for mommy!!!

Here's a sweet picture I took with my phone while Daddy was away! I'm soo glad to have him home and very proud of Matt and his impact on youth... he's a great example to them of a Man of God who loves his Lord and Loves his family!!!! I love you matt!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hanging at Gigi and Papi's

Coming to see mommy at her desk!
This face is so funny to me :)

Hanging out on the back porch....
My little piggy!
I found these pictures on my mom's camera :)

Say Cheese!! the camera was on record on accident :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Auntie Andi Daycare and more!

This summer Aunt Andrea is watching Grayson a couple days out of the week for me, since it's our busy time of the year at work and Gigi is needed at the office or just needs a break! :) Here are a few pics from the last 2 days of G being with his cousins and aunt all day :) he's having a blast! LUNCH TIME!
ALL THREE BOYS ready to go to the park!! Andrea your BRAVE!

Snack Time!

Here's a picture of Grayson doing a breathing treatment! He holds the mask to his face all by himself now!!! What a big boy!!

Here's a video of Grayson signing and saying "refridgerator!" he has a baby einstein dvd that shows him signs and words of objects around the house! this is my absolute favorite!!!!

Here's a video of Kaden falling asleep in his high chair!!! poor baby was so tired!!! Andrea sent me this video...I love it!

Playing at the Park!

Our good friends Allison and Eric used to live here and then got stationed to a base in Kansas... Eric is currently deployed serving our country!!! THank you ERIC and thank you Allison for supporting him!!!
Allison came down with Elliott for VBSand to vist... Heres a pic of Elliott and Grayson! They are only a couple weeks apart! It was so good to see them and hang out!

Below are more pics at the park and softball field!

Daddy's Softball games and more

Matt is in a softball league with Andrea's cousin and dad :) Here are some pictures from a game a while ago :)
Daddy scoring!!!

Grayson practicing his throw - like Daddy!

Practicing sliding!

Mommy and Grayson!!!If only he would smile at the camera...still love those big blue eyes!!!

Kaleb practicing throwing!! I can't wait to put these boys in T-Ball!!!

Go Daddy GO!!!!


Here are a couple other random pics :)

Learning guitar!



Matt and I went to the same High School - We are high school sweethearts!! so we wanted to make sure we went to our reunion :) It was great to see friends I haven't see in a while and hang out with some of my oldest friends!!! Here are a few pics! Gabi and Jonathan went to HS with us... actually I have been friends with Gabi since 4th grade!!! and her twin Annie! I love those girls and miss them so much! Gabi and Jonathan are getting married in Feb and asked us to sing in the wedding! we are thrilled!!!
Jennifer is my oldest friend!!! Friends since 2nd grade!! our love for New Kids on the Block sealed our friendship and created a friendship for life :) Jennifer has a little girl emma and married to Chris who went to high school with us! It was great to see her!

Jamie(left) is one of my best friends from middle school and high school....shes family! our familes are close and I love her so much and loved hanging out with her in houston! Rebecca (my left) and I have been good friends since middle school - we were in choir together since 7th grade and both went to baylor! it was great seeing her and talk about old stories and memories! Mandee (next to rebecca) was a high school friend that was on drill team with Jamie and Rebecca! She was a great surprise to see... i didn't know she was coming :)

Autumn and I have been friends since high school! She's hilarious and another person I didn't know was coming to reunion! It was great to catch up with her!

Me, Kelly and Amy - we were all in DOZEN ROSES (rebecca was too) so we go back to middle school!!! They both look great!!

It was a little weird seeing people you haven't seen in 10 years but it was fun!! And so good to catch up!! Can't wait to see what our 20 year reunion will be like... crazy to think Grayson will be almost 12 at that time!!!

more houston pictures

Uncle Wes and Mali!!

Getting in slowly!!!

blowing a kiss to mommy!!!! love my boys!!!!

Blowing Bubbles and holding breath under water!!!

2 handsome boys!!!! LOVES OF MY LIFE!!!

Josiah!!! He's getting so big! So old! turning 7 this Sept! Grayson LOVES Josiah!!! Loves up to him and loves to follow him around! Josiah is a great big cousin!

Hanging with Mali!!!

MORNINGS WITH GRANDMA AND PAWPAW - always fun hangin in our PJS and eating yummy pancakes :)

THe boys! of course i could never get them all three looking at me :)

Sweet mali!!!

Smile josiah!!

What a beautiful boy!!!