Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Matt and I went to the same High School - We are high school sweethearts!! so we wanted to make sure we went to our reunion :) It was great to see friends I haven't see in a while and hang out with some of my oldest friends!!! Here are a few pics! Gabi and Jonathan went to HS with us... actually I have been friends with Gabi since 4th grade!!! and her twin Annie! I love those girls and miss them so much! Gabi and Jonathan are getting married in Feb and asked us to sing in the wedding! we are thrilled!!!
Jennifer is my oldest friend!!! Friends since 2nd grade!! our love for New Kids on the Block sealed our friendship and created a friendship for life :) Jennifer has a little girl emma and married to Chris who went to high school with us! It was great to see her!

Jamie(left) is one of my best friends from middle school and high school....shes family! our familes are close and I love her so much and loved hanging out with her in houston! Rebecca (my left) and I have been good friends since middle school - we were in choir together since 7th grade and both went to baylor! it was great seeing her and talk about old stories and memories! Mandee (next to rebecca) was a high school friend that was on drill team with Jamie and Rebecca! She was a great surprise to see... i didn't know she was coming :)

Autumn and I have been friends since high school! She's hilarious and another person I didn't know was coming to reunion! It was great to catch up with her!

Me, Kelly and Amy - we were all in DOZEN ROSES (rebecca was too) so we go back to middle school!!! They both look great!!

It was a little weird seeing people you haven't seen in 10 years but it was fun!! And so good to catch up!! Can't wait to see what our 20 year reunion will be like... crazy to think Grayson will be almost 12 at that time!!!

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