Saturday, June 26, 2010

Matt's Mission trip with the youth group!

Matt went with the Youth Group on a Mission trip to Ashland, Montana... it was a week long mission trip that focused on helping people on an indian reservation by doing work projects on their homes. Here are a few pictures of his trip! Matt driving a VAN FULL OF TEENAGE GIRLS! now thats a mission trip! 9 hour drive!!! Matt admitted that he dislikes mini-vans a little smidgen less after 18 hours in it!

The mission trip was coordinated through Group workscamps - youth from all demoniations come together to help those in need.

400 youth were at this camp this week... here's a pic of some opening programs!

The local native-amercians did a cultural show for the kids one day.

One of the houses Matt and his crew worked on!

Josh playing ultimate frisbee!!! Nice catch!

Matt and his crew with a local girl they helped!

Matt workcrew!

Matt says that were an awesome crew!!! completing 4 worksites in 5 days! He was very proud to be their leader and enjoyed creating friendships with his crew!

While Matt was working his butt off :) I was a single mom for the week! Grayson was great! he missed his daddy very much but he was a good boy for mommy!!!

Here's a sweet picture I took with my phone while Daddy was away! I'm soo glad to have him home and very proud of Matt and his impact on youth... he's a great example to them of a Man of God who loves his Lord and Loves his family!!!! I love you matt!!!

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