Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Watching TV with Daddy on the new rug...while waited for our new couches

What a cutie!

Grayson sitting on his potty for the first time!

I Know I know!!! I haven't blogged in forever!!!! SO i thought I would blog some random pics that were taken from my phone camera...in no order with no reason :) so here's some moments I caught because my phone was near by and not my camera:)

Showing off his new flip flops!

Where's my hat?

Grayson eating an apple on his own for the first time!


Takin' over Papi's desk...new president of ICI

Grayson had gotten a new hair cut!

Grayson in the kid's jeep at Papi's house!

Playing on the playground that Grandma and PawPaw got Grayson!

Playing on Kaleb's Trike!

Playing in firetruck that Grandma and PawPaw got Matt a LONG TIME AGO...long before Grayson was even a thought in our head :)

Grayson loves jeeps just like his daddy!

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