Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Grayson: Mommy! Daddy! What is this all over me??? I'm all wet!!! I'm so confused!!! What is this??
Mommy: Honey - it's SWEAT!!!!!

Yes we made our annual Summer trip to Texas the first week of June!!!! It was hot (not as bad as it could have been) and HUMID!!!! Here's some pics from my phone from the weekend.

Grayson and Mommy went for a whole week while Daddy worked...but Daddy joined us for the weekend for our 10 YEAR HIGHSCHOOL REUNION!!! I will slowly blog about the whole trip :)

Shopping with Mommy!

Little man fell asleep with his feet hanging out of his crib!

Say Cheese! my little cutie!

Swimming on Memorial Day at Marlene and Bills! Good time spent with Jamie and Marcus and Kaylee too!

Gigi was in Houston too for a wedding!

He loves the water!!!

We sent a video of Grayson playing the piano at Pawpaw and Grandma's house to Daddy!

1 little monkey jumping on the bed....

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