Thursday, December 3, 2009


Nov. 5th we took an ICI team building evening to go see So YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Season 5 tour!!!! My parents and Matt and I LOVE SYTYCD!!!! We have watched last season and this seaon the whole way through! Its funny after you watch a season- you think you know these people :) so it was fun to see the top 10 perform live!!! It's amazing what they can do with their bodies!!! Here are a few pics from the evening... it was dark and we weren't that close so the pic are ok...THANKS BOSS for a great evening out!!! ICI tradition started!!!

Kayla and Kupono doing Matt and My favorite dance "addiction" yep I cried in person just like seeing it on tv :)

Sara and Katelin

Our bad attempt to get the whole gang in the pic!

Another favorite!!! Brandon and Jeanette's disco dance!!!!

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