Monday, February 16, 2009

Matt got a JOB!!!

I'm not sure if everyone knew Matt's job situation but he was laid-off due to downsizing 6 weeks after Grayson was born. It was hard to adjust to and finding a job in this economy right before the holidays and a new president has been a battle!! BUT PRAISE GOD... Matt was offered a job!

One of Kari's girls on her basketball teams father works for Synthes in Monument, CO... just down the road from Palmer Lake where my parents live and we work. (so we can car pool!) and he told us that Synthes is always looking for good people, but they usually hire with Temp Agencies and then hire on permanently if its a right fit.

SO Matt applied and he was offered a temp position starting next week!
Synthes is a manufacturing company of screws, plates, etc. for medical surgeries and procedures... at least that's about all I know.

Matt will be working in the inbound call center to process orders and help clients/doctors/hospitals... that's our understanding at least :)

I'm thankful that God has blessed us with a job! please pray that Matt enjoys it and if he does that it would become a full time gig :)

The guy who gave us the lead has been working there for over 13 years and has great things to say about the company... as well as others we have been talking to.

SO Praise God for his faithfulness!! God is good all the time! All the time God is GOOD!

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