Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010!

Here is our only family picture from Easter!!! Grayson was not too happy!! I didn't have my camera so we borrowed Katelin and had her take some pics... of course G was extremely tired and NOT in the mood at all!... He did look stinkin cute in his purple shirt and tie!!!
Me and Matt!

Me and Katelin ( my mew roomie ) Yep Katelin is a basement dweller :) I'm so excited she will be living with us for a year until she get smarried!!! I love her so much and excited to have some help around the house ;) and spend some quality time with her!!!

Avery and Grayson!!!! They matched for Easter of course!!!

Katelin and Dad!

Mom and Katelin!

Kyle set up the bounce house for the "kids" the adults had more fun in it than the kids :) Kari flying through the air!!!

Strike a pose!!! Katelin and Sara

The little kids had an easter egg hunt up in th front yard!!! Grayson did pretty good finding eggs!!!

THEN the "ADULTS" had their egg hunt in the back... one lucky person found the egg with $20 bill inside!!!! Kari of course found it!! I think she has a built in radar for that egg :) I'm pretty sure she gets it every year!

Matt looking for the golden egg!

Katelin and Kari diving for an egg!!!

Everyone looking for eggs!!!

Camber and Marie!!!

Me and Kari!!!

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