Monday, February 22, 2010

Katelin's Engaged!!!!

This Christmas Charlie proposed to Katelin!!! We are so excited for them and SOOO excited to plan the last Robinson wedding!!! The big day is Mat 21, 2011 the location Air Force Chapel!
It's going to be amazing!!! And Katelin - my little bitty baby sister - is going to look spectacular and all grown up!!!!

First thing on the list... DRESS SHOPPING!!!

FOr the past month we have gone several places to go dress shopping with Katelin! This is so much fun becuase the dress sets the tone for the rest of the wedding!!! In Jan. we took at group of 8!!! to see Katelin step into her first wedding dress :) We didn't find the dress that trip but several trips later she found the ONE!! She looks gorgeous!!! Here are some pictures from the first day wedding dress shopping!

Kari and Avery came along!!!!

Picture of the whole group seeing Katelin for the first time!

The first of many to try on....

So many to choose from...


Happy Mother of the Bride!!!

The whole Gang!!!

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